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“Another Chapter in Worldwide Christian Persecution”


Dear thinkers, readers and Christians and non-Christians alike and you of all views, opinions, ideas, faiths and thoughts, I now as I have in the past address the matter of the worldwide persecution of the church and of Christians. I have written and spoken of this before, but the carnage and attacks on this religious system and these innocents continues unabated. Let me make clear as I have many times in the past that when I speak of and reference these attacks as coming from our Muslim brothers and sisters, I must emphasize that the great percentage of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, wherever they be, who simply wish to support their families and contribute to their communities and that these terrorist actions emanate from a small minority in that culture. I say the same of Chinese people.

I now give some current instances and examples of the persecution of Christians. In China Jin Qiang, a Chinese businessman who produced and sold audio Bible players, was arrested and charged with unlawful business operation. In the same way, the owner of an online Christian bookstore was arrested, those who purchased his books were investigated, the books were confiscated, and these customers were interrogated. Four other Christians were charged with selling audio Bibles.

Similarly, in China Esther was called to the police station for a “meeting” about the school Esther was running. The meeting with police turned into Esther’s arrest and two years in a Chinese prison. Esther had two sons ages one and three. In Iran Amir and Sahar, a young couple who had converted to Christianity were hosting church meetings in their home and were discovered by the authorities and face jail. Their court date is pending and their two-year-old son was removed from their home.

Here is another example of Christian persecution, this time in Finland where Pavi Radnen, a Finnish MP, faces a criminal charge for her Christian beliefs about marriage. Rocio, who witnessed for Christ to a female guerilla fighter in 2011, was murdered by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a Marxist rebel group.

In China Xiu and her family began attending an illegal house church and she began hand copying the Bible character by character. She was arrested when Mao launched the cultural revolution in 1966 and was tied up and marched through the streets with a sign on her chest. Even today in her 80’s she continues to serve as a church leader and preacher and continues to copy by hand passages of scripture.

Here is a last story about Christ and his power. The Uyghur people in China are a predominantly Muslim group. although many were brought to Christ, one December morning officials from the Public Security Bureau raided the church and arrested the founders and six of the Uyghur Christians for illegal gathering, illegal preaching and spreading harmful books.

The persecution of the church and Christian believers continues unabated throughout the world and I ask Christians and non-Christians alike to not ignore the lives and sufferings of these innocents who are martyrs for Jesus Christ. I ask you not to forget your concern for all your fellow human beings, black, white or of any national original and any sex or sexual orientation. Speak of these atrocities to your elected officials—assemblyman, state senator, city council member and US representative and senator. Do not let the lives taken by these actions be trampled over by political correctness, media hype and media lies and political rhetoric.