I was interviewed by Amber Timmons. Please watch here:

Once again, I have been published in the academicus international scientific journal.

please go to this link and you can read my essay, “Has the USA Educational System Failed? Why it Has Failed and What can be Done.”


Ladies and Gentlemen and you of all faiths, Christians and non-Christians alike and all systems of thought, ideas, and opinions convictions: I invite you to join my organization, a national and international body of believers who wish to work with me and many others to advance the historical Christian faith and you who also for all reasons wish to follow Christ and his teachings. This group will be named the National and International World Evangelical Body of Thought, and many have joined with me in from Africa and India, including pastors, churches, and believing Christians. All are welcome to join this fellowship of love of charity and I can be reached at 718-229-2761 and at my email, I look forward to hearing from you all and working with you all. My website is where you can visit and see my books blogs and podcasts. Do join with me in the fellowship of Christ who died for all mankind without regard to race or sex or country of origin. Please come with me on this new and exciting spiritual journey.


I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to speak and/or attend as a panel member of the Great Law Debate on January 20, 2021. I will be presenting a paper before representatives of 89 countries and look forward to this international event. You can register for and read about this event here:

Ladies and Gentlemen: I wish to announce a matter of interest to you all whether Christian or non-Christian, atheist, agnostic, or a person with religious convictions. I have, as some of you may know, in the past few months posted my interpretations of all 41 parables of Jesus found in the four gospels. These interpretations are fully available on my website and on social media and in my book on the parables pub. by Hamilton books and entitled, The Parables of Jesus: A Personal Commentary. More recently, I have been and am in the process on interpreting and analyzing each week for some time the sayings of Christ. This is continuing. I now wish to announce that beginning on June 2, 2020, each week, I will be posting prayers addressed to the eternal god in Christ and seeking all of us together who may chance to read and listen to these prayers come to know god and Christ. I regard this as a privilege and honor and welcome the thoughts and comments of my readers I am pleased to say and inform you that my interpretations of the sayings will in the near future be formed into a book.

I was recently interviewed by Beebo Baldassarri on The Disavowed Podcast.

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My appearance on writer to writer with casey bell

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my appearance on coffee talk with sandra

i was recently on “coffee talk with sandra.” please check out the show here.

I was recently interviewed by Josiah mMsrati on total media network. You can listen here:

Interview with Josiah Masrati

I was recently interviewed by Josiah mMsrati on total media network. You can listen here:

Lifestyles with tia podcast

I was recently featured on the Lifestyles with Tia Podcast, where I discussed religion and current events. You can listen here;

Adam Copeland podcast

I was recently featured on Adam Copeland’s podcast, where i discussed religion. You can watch at this linK;

tough talk Christian radio

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MindDog TV Podcast

I was recently featured on the MindDogTV Podcast. You can listen/watch at the links below:



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I recently published an article in Academicus, an Albanian international scientific journal.

The article is entitled “Should Title VII of the US Code Prohibiting Sex Discrimination be Based on Sexual Orientation: An Argument.” It is available here.

This article has been purchased by European libraries in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium and by many libraries in colleges and universities in the US and by the State Department library in Washington, DC.


I also note that my article on criminal procedure in the Syracuse Law Review has been also bought by many libraries in the US and by the libraries of many federal agencies and the library of the State Department and the US Supreme Court.

I was interviewed on The Furlogh Podcast. Please listen to it here:

I was interviewEd by Bill McIntosh on the Best Book Network. Please listen! Here is the link:

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow readers, thinkers, and friends:

As you know, I have been posting my analyses of the parables of Jesus over the past few months.

Every week, I will be posting interpretations, analyses, and seeking and attempting to reach an understanding of the sayings of Jesus in the gospels. These sayings are most challenging and, if grasped, we can be raised greatly in our thinking and see truth and what is and is not important. I welcome the privilege and honor of speaking of and attempting to explain the words and mind of Christ, at least the expressions of the mind of God, and a guide to ultimate truth. Please share with me in this journey what you come to know of yourself and of your neighbor through the words of the living God. And feel free to contact me at


Please visit where you will find my books, “The Parables of Jesus,” “Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics, and Philosophy,” “Essays on the Christian Worldview,” and “Select Legal Topics, Vol. 2.” On you can also listen to my podcasts.


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow to me recommend the purchase of the book entitled “Essays on the Christian Worldview and Others Political Literary, and Philosophical.” This book is a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL best-seller! has been bought by 4 universities in the Netherlands and several in Germany as well as almost the entire University of California. It was also purchased by a university in Ankara, Turkey and one in Paraguay. These books cover basic Christian thought, political thought, and the need for values in our society which has come to emphasize money, power, and greed as philosophical goals and values. The book also considers what constitutes true progress, the denial in our society of absolute moral truth, and the mistaken use of moral relativism as an ethical system. I urge you all to give thought to purchasing and reading this book available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publisher Hamilton at 800-462-6420. My other books are available on my website

I was recently a guest on the Magic Brad YouTube show. Please click HERE to watch the interview.

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I welcome all listeners and thinkers and invite you to hear and follow my podcast  and BlogTalkRadio show.

Most importantly, my dear friends throughout the world, these shows are politically incorrect and the aim and purpose is to hear, discern, and find truth. These shows are not ideological and reject media propaganda as any sort of solution and seek intellectual honesty and honest discourse, not the big lie of any kind.

My podcast is available ON THIS WEB SITE AND here:

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My Interview on Princeton Television

Please click HERE to watch me be interviewed on the Noneillah Talk Show on Princeton Television.



I ask you to join with me in the formation of a Christian Workers’ & People’s Party which will represent Christians and people of all faiths who wish to see an equalized and just society based on Jesus and his love and concern for all. Please contact me at (718) 229-2761 or at for more information and to discuss this proposal.

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Thanks to all of you for reading this & be well. – Andrew. J. Schatkin

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Please be sure to read my essays on the parables of Jesus. Just click the Blog section of my web site, and enjoy my descriptions and perspectives of the many beautiful parables of Jesus. You can also purchase my book, The Parables of Jesus: A Personal Commentary, here and here.


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