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“Christian Persecution Again”

“Christian Persecution Again”


My dear friends, thinkers, readers and you of all faiths, views, opinions and ideas, Christians and non-Christians alike. Today once again I will be discussing the pressing matter of the continuing and ongoing acts of persecution of Christians throughout the world. I have spoken and written of this before and addressed acts of violence and persecution worldwide in such places and countries as China where pastors are arrested and jailed and churches and crosses demolished; blasphemy laws in Pakistan which when applied, can result in the jailing and even execution of a Christian who says something against the prophet Muhammad; Algeria, where churches are closed; and Saudi Arabia where Bibles cannot be distributed and churches cannot be erected. I note, and do so each time I write and speak of this persecution of Christians in Islamic countries, that these are the work and acts of a small minority of Islam. The overwhelming people of this religion and culture are peaceful, law-abiding and honest and hardworking and seek to live their lives in peace and support their families and contribute to their communities.

Today I will write and speak of further acts of recent persecution of Christians which continue worldwide. The mainstream media, for one reason or another, fail to report these barbaric atrocities and acts of religious persecution.

Canon Tom, a Glasgow priest, successfully challenged a ban on worship. The Chilean supreme court ruled Covid restrictions were unfairly applied to houses of worship. In Ireland Christians were banned from attending worship despite supermarkets and hardware stores remaining open. A Muslim nurse accused two Christians of blasphemy for scraping a Koran verse from a hospital cabinet. They were put in jail when a Muslim mob demanded they be arrested. 

On Palm Sunday, suicide bombers detonated explosives in a church in Indonesia. In Nigeria Islamic radicals murdered 137 people, including 22 children; Islamic radicals have slaughtered families, beheaded pastors and forced teenagers into slavery. I note this is the work of a radical minority, not of the majority of peaceable Islamic citizens.

In the past year, in the US over 300,000 unborn babies were killed and $60,000,000 was given to Planned Parenthood. The Biden administration refused to defend the federal defunding rule for abortions.

These are some few examples of the persecution of the church and Christian believers in the world on a constant and unremitting basis. I ask you all of all faiths to seek to put an end to this violence and persecution. Is Jesus Christ so hated and opposed? Do not let the political forces of the world permit the burned and mutilated bodies of these martyrs to be walked over. Go to your congressman, go to your senator, go to your state senator and assemblyman and city council member and protest these acts of barbarism and put an end to this persecution of innocent lives. Does the name of Jesus strike such terror and fear in these countries? I ask for an answer. Is Political Correctness the answer for the press having nothing to say on this matter when it has much to say about black lives and women’s rights but nothing to say about the abortions and deaths of the unborn, many of whose mothers are poor and black? I am looking for answers.