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“The War on the Church and Christendom and the Continuing Persecution of Christians Worldwide”

“The War on the Church and Christendom and the Continuing Persecution of Christians Worldwide”

Ladies and Gentlemen: I would now like to talk about and write about the subject of what I refer to as “The war on the church and Christendom and the continuing persecution of Christians worldwide.” My friends and fellow thinkers and readers and you of all ideas and opinions and thought streams, I have in the past spoken of the worldwide persecution of the church and Christians in China, Pakistan, Algeria and Saudi Arabia. Let me make clear that although some of these attacks emanate from Islamic societies, they are the acts and actions of a small minority. Most people of that culture and religion of Islam are law abiding and peaceful and are simply attempting to support their families and earn a living.

Now I speak and write of recent acts of persecution directed against Christians and the church. I will now discuss the situation in the country of Myanmar where a Christian leader continues to suffer from the effects of a long term of imprisonment after being targeted by the United Wa State Army which arrested 120 pastors and many other Christians. Aikhun was restrained while in prison by a steel shackle. Another pastor, Mhawn, also suffers from eight months of imprisonment. He was restrained by a heavy chain around his leg. The UWSA launched a religious cleansing campaign throughout the region, banning churches and religious instruction and worship and public prayer. Another pastor, San, had his church building and house demolished.

The situation in Mozambique is serious where Islamic insurgents have made life difficult for Christians and have displaced 300,000 people. Islamists have burned churches, beheaded Christians and destroyed schools and clinics.
Life remains difficult for Christians in Iran. Agents from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard arrested twelve Christians around June 30 – July 1 and raided the home of a Christian convert, arresting six Christians and went to the home of three other Christian converts and arrested each of them. A Christian couple was arrested at a house church meeting and the adoption of a three-month-old girl Lydias was nullified because the girl was a Muslim and they are Christians.

Finally, Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert, was arrested in 2011 and held in jail for 154 days and was conditionally released and in 2013 was arrested again and held for 53 days and in July 2013 was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of internal exile. He received in 2015 after retrial an extended sentence of five years. In August of 2013 he was arrested again and held in jail. He was released in 2019 after a six-month term of imprisonment and is now in internal exile. He has been ordered into exile for nearly three years and faces added charges of insulting the sacred and making propaganda against the state through promoting his Christian faith. If convicted, he could face up to five or six years in prison.

A final note on these persecutions: In Nepal a Christian convert family was evicted from their land and denied access to water.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to take note of these attacks on Christian believers who are, in truth, martyrs for our faith. I ask you not to let the pains and sufferings of these innocent lives to pass and not to let our world walk over the burned and mutilated bodies of these simple, sincere believers. Speak to and write to your state senator, state assemblyman, congressman, and US senator. Do not let the world ignore this evil and wickedness and address this religious genocide and holocaust. It has happened before and I ask you not to let it happen again.