“Another Take on Worldwide Christian Persecution”

“Another Take on Worldwide Christian Persecution”


Ladies and Gentlemen: Today I will once again be writing and speaking about the ongoing persecution of Christians and the church. I undertake this task, if not responsibility, for the reason that the mainstream media have little to say on this subject or matter for one reason or another. These acts of persecution and violence occur in many countries and societies, including Pakistan, Algeria, China, Iran and many others. Let me make clear that what I report here does not show or evidence hostility or discrimination against my Muslim brothers and sisters whom I dearly love and cherish and are all most wonderful. I merely speak on these matters understanding that these acts of violence emanate from a small minority in those systems and that most Muslims are law-abiding citizens simply trying to support their families and make their way in this complex and difficult world.

My dear friends and colleagues, let me now walk with you through some examples of these acts of persecution and violence. In Iraq, Mustafa and his cousin became Christians. For this his cousin was badly beaten and Mustafa had his fingers broken. They had planned to be baptized but could not because of being followed and threatened. This is one instance of persecution.

Here is another: Asif was a supervisor at a garment factory in Pakistan and led ten others in prayer as a Christian. The owner of the factory told him to stop and convert to Islam. Asif gave him a Bible. An Islamic cleric came and told him to accept Islam and tried to force him to pray in the fashion of Islam. Asif lost his job because of his Christian faith. This is another instance of religious persecution. 

Here is a third: Pavica Vojnovic, a German resident for forty days twice a year, gathered with others to pray silently for women and their unborn children. They gathered to pray for an end to abortion. After three years of doing this in front of the pre-abortion counseling center in the German town. The group was banned by the town or municipality for the past two years despite having been denied permission. Abortion for a Christian is a grave sin and offense. We believe that Jesus died for and offers eternal life to all—elderly, born and unborn—and to take the life of an innocent is a particularly awful and heinous crime and is nothing less than to murder and take a human life. What we have here is obvious and blatant anti-Christian discrimination. 

Finally, we have the attack or criticism of pastor Max Lucado who chose to state in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC the historically Christian position that any other relationship than heterosexual marriage was and is unacceptable. This is our faith and has been the faith and position of the church for the past 2000 years. Pastor Lucado meant no offense to our gay and LGBT brothers and sisters whom we dearly love, welcome and treasure. But the church is not the world and the secular society and has the right, if not obligation, to maintain its rules and state its dogma. The gay community is welcome to come to church but the nature of the biblical revelation is unchanging in this respect and is not subject to alternation for reasons of fads, fashions, and politics and political correctness.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I hope I have shed some light on the continuing presence of persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters and I ask you not to let this pass. Go to your congressman; go to your Senator; go to your state officials; and my young people, go to your professors and protest these acts of barbarism and say, “End these persecutions once and for all.”


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