“Analysis of Matthew 12:46-50,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“Analysis of Matthew 12:46-50,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

Ladies and gentlemen and all who wish to reject political code words, political hype and media lies and falsehoods and I bid and urge and ask you join with me in another voyage of intellectual discovery based on intellectual honesty and honest discernment and let us together seek and discovery the truth and the facts well hidden from us in a curtain of darkness and corruption promoted by the forces of commerce and politics whose goal is to fool and mislead us and ultimately to bring us to intellectual and spiritual destruction by fooling us and making fools of us in this world of confusion and disorder.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I will seek to interpret and explain and set about to understand in my own inadequate mind to grasp the word of the living and eternal god as he speaks to us through and in his holy word and from the mansions and precincts of heaven in the presence and in the company of the angels, archangels and with and in relationship of the trinity father and holy spirit and the son.

Matthew 12:46-50 states: “While he was still speaking to the people behold his mother and brothers stood outside asking to speak to him. But he replied to the man who told him who is my mother and who are my brothers? And stretching out his hand toward his disciples he said: Here are my mother and my brothers, for whoever does the will of my father in heaven is my brother sister and my mother.”

What are we to understand make of this apparently radical series of sayings? Does Jesus mean to tell us that he rejects his own family and we are to do the same and that both his and our family are not founded in his and our blood relatives mother, brothers and sisters? This passage is also found in Mark 3:31-35 and in Luke 8:19-21. Jesus tells us here that his and our true family is found in the newly founded Christian community or the church. Jesus does not deny family ties but takes the position that it is in the newly founded community of the disciples and those he has begun to gather or the church that our true ties family ties must and will be founded. We must recall Jesus’s statement of the gospel dividing family ties and again Jesus makes us understand that the church community and the newly founded Christian community and where the new family of Christians will emerge even to the extent of lack of concern and attachment to earthly family ties whether mother, father, brother, or sister.

My dear friends, thinkers, and readers, and all faiths and thought streams, once again we are faced with another of Jesus’s radical and demanding sayings in which he makes clear to us all the nature of the commitment he asks of us beyond family ties and he tells us that it is in the new church community that our true family will be found. I do hope and trust that I have shed some light and understanding on this passage through my own puny thought processes. I urge you to return to and reread and never cease reading and reflecting on this passage in which Jesus once more speaks to us and enlightens us as to who he is who he wishes us to be and how he can transform us into his image and likeness.