A Prayer to Jesus, 6-4-20

“A Prayer to Jesus, 6-4-20,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

Jesus Christ, as you rule in love and judgment from the mansions and precincts of heaven with all the angels and with the father and holy spirit, your life and death on the cross was a play and drama of forgiveness. You died and suffered to for we poor weak humans replete with sins and faults and failings. Enable us through the aid of your grace and love to also to forgive. You have commanded us to forgive those who harm and seek to damage as we pray and ask that we can rid ourselves of the love of self, egotism, and pride that stand in the way of our living a life of forgiveness. Bring to us through your being and love the life and person we can be, not the Satan of rebellious pride who chooses in the words of Milton to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven; not the Satan who will and cannot forgive in his world of incessant propaganda and lies but bring to us each day the forgiveness of the cross so we can forgive all as Jesus forgives all. End the life of self, self-love, and selfishness, and bring us and all humanity to the new and enhanced life of forgiveness where we poor humans can be and join in the new life of Christ. End the world of incessant self-importance and incessant autobiography for the new life of total forgiveness as we are forgiven and so forgive.