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A Defense of the President

The Democratic Party and the left wing of our system has been unremittingly critical of the President, his actions, and his policies.  Let us review for a moment what these criticisms consist of. The president has been called a racist and anti-semitic based on his actions of imposing a travel ban and possible deporting persons illegally here in the country, some with criminal records.  He has also been called a Populist and Nationalist. He has also been called a xenophobe, and an enemy of the minorities in our society. He has also been called a Nativist. At one point, I recall he was referred to as an uneducated peasant. Let us take a look at the factual record.  President Trump has taken the position that people illegally here or illegal with criminal records are subject to deportation. This is not racism, this is not prejudiced, but the President is simply enforcing the law and maintaining the legal system in this country. We surely cannot have a society, a functional society where persons illegally here are allowed to obtain employment, education and medical care, edging out persons legally here, perhaps in dire need of those services.  Second, the president’s actions with respect to the travel ban are based on national security. He is not prejudiced against Muslims, since the travel ban excludes extremely populous Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Egypt, and Nigeria. The left refuses to concede the fact there have been a large number of internal attacks from certain elements of certain Middle Eastern countries. These attacks are to some extent connected with Muslim Jihadism in those societies. I must emphasize that the groups or individuals conducting these attacks are a Muslim minority, most of whom are quite peaceful.  The fact is that the president has acted correctly in putting limits and vetting individuals coming from those countries to the United States. There have been a number of serious homicides and attacks on American citizens emanating from elements of Muslim society from certain countries. For example, there was a serious attack in California, one in New York, one in Boston, five servicemen were murdered in South Carolina, and there was a very serious attack on gay community in Florida. Most recently, there was a truck attack in New York. It also has to be noted that there have been many attacks in European countries, including France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom.  The actions the president has taken on this issue are rational and practical actions to protect the citizens of our country who have been subject to violent death. This is not prejudiced, this is not racism but reasonable and correct policy, based on these events. I would like to say that the president’s action on illegal immigration protect the jobs and livelihood of the most vulnerable minorities in our society, blacks and Latinos who are desperately in need of employment which can be taken from persons illegally here who represent cheap labor and no benefits for corporations. The president’s actions in this respect, far from being racist are protecting the jobs and economic survival of the minorities in our country.  Moreover, we cannot have a country where people can illegally come and stay without consequences. The United States is a country and not a church or charitable organization who have the right and responsibility based on Christian charity to assist all persons, including immigrants legally here. This may be the duty of the church but is the duty of a country to protect its borders and its citizens which the president is seeking to do. I would like to say a few more things about the president’s excellent and actual record. The president has defeated ISIS, he has stopped, it would appear, internal attacks that had occurred before from certain groups in certain countries. This has ended for the moment. As for being anti-semitic, the president’s family is actually Jewish; he is a firm friend of the state of Israel and at great risk, has moved the embassy to Jerusalem.  The accusation of his being racist and anti-semitic is frankly without foundation or truth. The president has created and brought about jobs to large numbers of our citizens. The accusation of his being racist is so far from the truth when it is quite clear that jobs have been brought massively to the minority communities. I would also note that the president is pro-life and that the vast majority of abortions are performed on black and Latino women. The president’s pro-life position is a pro-minority position, preserving the lives of black and Latino children. The president has recently brought hostages back from Korea and he did so quickly and efficiently. He has also eliminated any nuclear threat from North Korea.


The ideological left and its verbal criticisms of the president are outrageously false, given his actions and accomplishments.  It has to be said I think, that this president is one of the most competent persons to occupy that office, looking at his record.  The previous Democratic and Republican presidents brought us to war in Vietnam and Iraq. This president has defeated similar threats without American soldiers dying.  It is also noteworthy that the five thousand soldiers’ remains from the Korean war are being returned to their rest in the United States. The attacks of the left and their criticisms are belied by the facts and truth I have set forth in detail.  The previous Democratic presidents in office, when faced with hostage crisis, were virtually stymied for some time. It is quite clear that President Trump is one of the most able, competent and talented persons to occupy that office. He is not a racist, he is not a peasant, but a person of great ability, quite obviously.


I’d like to say a few other things about the president separating families at the border. In a magazine called AM New York, dated June 19, 2018, there is a lengthy story about this separation problem.  First, there are persons coming illegally into this country with their families and children. They have no right to be here and bring their children here. It is likely that the president doesn’t want these children placed with the adults in a jail holding cell.  Also, there is a story in that newspaper about a delivery man that was detained by ICE. This delivery man was illegally here but had failed to report and had defied the immigration system and continued to stay here. Although I understand this gentleman’s difficulty, I would suggest that the proper action he should take is obtain legal status and not defy legal system as he has done.  This separation issue also reported in the Daily News of June 20th of 2018 and New York Post of June 20th of 2018. I want to conclude by saying that the president’s actions are not acts of cruelty and sadism but are the proper enforcement of the law. For every person illegally here, who as this delivery man did not report, a job is taken from a black or Latino legally here that needs that job, perhaps desperately.  Let me add that I myself have no ounce of racial feeling as a Christian and I understand people’s difficulties, but looking at the president’s record, his work and actions has resulted in good for this country for all its citizens. It is time I think that the left faces the facts about President Trump and about themselves.