Podcast with Apostle Lillian Mary

From her LinkedIn profile:

I am the undershepherd of Iam4signswonders International Ministries. I am also a mother, an author, a national and international christian conference speaker and, most of all, a follower of the Lord Jesus the Christ. A glory harbinger, my passion is worship, and to call God’s people back to their first love and to do their first works. I am an exhorter and I encourage God’s people to believe that they are who God says they are; that they are head and not tail, first and not last, above and not beneath; that they can do all that God says they can do and that they can have all that God says they can have.

My previous book:
Amazing God with an Amazing Love.
Available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Xulon Press Publishers.

My Latest Book;
Samson, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
Available on Kindle only at Amazon.com.