Podcast with Miriam Verbeek

Miriam Verbeek was born to Dutch parents in Bandung, Indonesia, in 1954, the second child in a family that grew to include six more children. The family moved to a small country town in the Australian New England tablelands in 1962.

Upon leaving school, Miriam travelled extensively throughout Australia and Europe before settling to fifteen years of university studies that finally earned her a doctorate in managerial ethics as well as degrees in International Relations and Environmental Studies. In her money-earning life, she has lectured at several universities, acted in advisory capacities on several government panels, and been a consultant to large and small, national and international organisations. In her community life she has been involved in both environmental and humanitarian endeavours. She counts as two of her most significant achievements being the mother of two magnificent sons and the partner of a principled and kind man.

A long-time desire to write fiction finally culminated in 2017-19 with the first set of books, the Songs of Si’Empra, into which she has poured her love of fantasy and real life.