“Sexuality and Marriage in the Christian Culture,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

In our present culture, sex is a hot topic. The reason for this is that sex has become associated with commerce and money. Better put, sex sells. Every magazine we see in a store has a picture of a rather sexually attractive woman. Often the movies and television programs that are produced seem to feature young attractive women and men. Our society in the media rarely features elderly people. So one might say that sex is a topic and image that is not merely prevalent in our culture, but we are literally inundated with sexual images almost every day in American society. I have no argument with this myself, but I merely make this observation. There are some people who, barraged with these images and pounded with this sexual message, may come to the conclusion that free sexual promiscuity is the thing to do and the way to live. Obviously, this might be a mistake, although I make no moral judgment on the person who wishes to shape his or her life in this way. Since we live in a free society, and unless the action is illegal and is not permitted, people can do whatever they want. I do add that most people have the wish to and do get married at some point in their lives. My purpose is to discuss here is my understanding of sex and marriage for a Christian and in the Church.

My view is that sexual attraction or even lust is something that we cannot deal with without direction and control. To be hungry and to wish to eat is fine but no one would recommend that we should eat all the time to the point of gorging ourselves. The same is true of sexual activity or sexual desire. It is not something that we can simply do with anyone or at any time we want.
For the Christian, god directs lust and sexual desire to a loving union with the opposite sex and to the creation of a family. In the same way that we cannot eat anywhere and at any time we want, the Christian understanding is that God channels lust and desire into a loving relationship and a union which ultimately evolves in to the creation of a family.

Elsewhere I have reflected that God uses avarice and greed to create jobs and employment. In spending money and in making money for ourselves, there is a benefit to others in the community through job creation and job maintenance. One may conclude that god uses what can be misused and brings people in love. Sex unlimited goes nowhere and leads to a kind of destruction. Sex directed in love and in the family union is God’s plan and it is the only alternative to societal and sexual chaos.