“A Response to Media Criticism of our President,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – FEBRUARY 19: Donald Trump speaks to South Carolina voters on the eve of the state’s primary on February 19, 2016 in North Charleston, South Carolina. While polls show that Ted Cruz has made some gains against Trump, the New York businessman still looks to win the state by a wide margin. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

I am writing this essay in clarification of certain media criticisms of our President and will comment further. First, New York Times article dated Dec. 23, 2018 stated that the President never won college-educated whites based on exit polls and that these polls underestimated the older white working class voters. Prior to this, the left-leaning media have stated repeatedly that President’s electoral appeal was to the rust belt and the white working class.

First, there is no real factual evidence of how the college-educated voted and how the working class voted since there is a secret ballot in our country and what a person says in an exit poll may not be true and it is rather unlikely that if asked a person is revealing their income and employment to an unknown person asking these questions.

Let me understand the reality behind this article and these claims about who voted for the President. This statement is I believe an attempt to say that only the sophisticated and uneducated voted for this President and that if they did so they must have been stupid to have done so. There is also the obvious implication that the President himself is some sort of rural uneducated roughneck when in reality he successfully ran billion-dollar international business in New York City for many years. Moreover, education and social status, is no measure of a person’s intellectual ability. I remind the New York Times that Jesus called workingmen and fishermen from to be the agents of his grace and Gospel.

Let me look at this “stupid” President’s record of achievement. He has brought jobs and work to all sectors and classes of society black, white, Latino, and Asian. He has correctly opposed allowing people to enter the country illegally. In a short period of time he removed the hostages from North Korea. He has taken our ground forces from Syria and Afghanistan where lives would have been lost in a no-win wars. Afghanistan historically could not and never has been controlled by foreign nations. For some time has assured and guaranteed our country from terrorist attacks. In the meantime, there have been ongoing attacks in other countries including Somalia; the Christmas Market in Strasbourg; a terror attack in Berlin; an attack in India; a terror attack on a high-speed railway in Germany. I note that while the left speaks much the rise of attacks in the name of white supremacy, it has little to say of these events. I add that these attacks are on the part of a minority of Jihadists coming out of and radicalized by certain elements of the Muslim religious/political system but I note the silence of the left and their disinclination to recognize the President’s successful national security program in this respect.

I also note that this President has not compromised the rule of law that must and will govern our system and society in refusing and not giving in to the program of the left to admit persons to our country on an illegal basis, allowing employment, medical care and education to be given to individuals here illegally in the name of some sort of false compassion and humanitarianism. No society, as the President has correctly determined and decided, can be governed on the basis of turning a face to illegality and the violation of the law.

Finally, an article in the New York Times of Dec 22, 2018 reported the refusal of the
Supreme Court to allow the Trump administration to immediately enforce its new policy denying asylum to migrants who illegally cross the Mexican border. Let me say in my somewhat basic position I am in no position to counter or challenge the United States Supreme Court in its legal functioning and in its decisions. I do say this, however, that I am somewhat in agreement with the President and his administration on this issue. If a person wishes to come to the United States, they should come legally and should not be allowed to get the benefits of our legal system governing asylum when in coming here they have defied our system of law and offended our system and our people who follow the rules and obey the law. The way to enter this country is legally and no excuse is available for not doing so.