“Some Social Comments,” by Andrew Schatkin

I would like to take this opportunity to comment first on several NewYork Times articles and say a few fair words about the relationship in today’s world between Islam and Christianity.

In the December 19 New York Times, there was an article describing the plight of a migrants attempting to enter the US fleeing tear gas. This woman was allowed to enter with her 5 children after several hours of waiting with her children with the help or lawyers and members of Congress. The woman and her family were part of a caravan of Migrants from Honduras. The issue is authorities at the border will allow her case to proceed. Let me make clear I have every sympathy and compassion for this family as a person and as a Christian. The facts are that Ms. Meza was captured on camera with a group of migrants trying to force their way to the United States. Their method and actions were in violation of the law. Gross illegality cannot be endorsed. And if Ms. Meza wishes to enter this country, she will have to proceed through legal channels as thousands have done before her. The battlefields of Europe and the Pacific are filled with those who gave their lives for our system of law and justice. If Ms. Meza and other migrants want to have the privilege of living in the United States, they must and should do so legally and do not deserve our consideration for violating the law to do so.

The second New York Times article in the Dec. 19 issue is an article describing the plight of a wife of an American-Yemeni citizen having difficulty gaining entrance to the United States purportedly because of the President’s travel ban. I sympathize and have concern and compassion for this woman’s difficulty and suffering as a person and as a Christian. I know how the eternal God deeply loves both this Honduran woman I just mentioned and values her as well as this woman in Yemen. The facts are that our President acted correctly in imposing this ban in light of the many jihadist attacks on our country and its people. The list is endless: NYC, Boston, Orlando, California and many others. I do not say that there are other forms of evil that hurt and maim but do say there is a worldwide pattern here that cannot be ignored. The actions may be by a minority in the Muslim religious and political system, but they have not stopped and lives have been lost. Our President acted correctly to defend and secure our nation and its borders from this security threat. The New York Times article is misplaced.

Finally, I touch upon Islam and Christianity. After 9/11, President Bush visited a mosque; helped to send the bin Laden family out of the United States, or at least I am told. It was suggested to Mayor Bloomberg that a mosque be established on the 9/11 site. When there is a jihadist attack, the response of the left is “Christians kill, too.” That may be so, but it is not endorsed by the religion and at least now Christians do emerge from their churches having been radicalized and conduct violent actions such as occurred recently in Strasbourg and was planned in Ohio. The President was called racist for seeking this travel ban. His response with this ban was to secure our people and society from some who would do us harm. A Christian or pro-life speaker cannot gain entrance to our academic institutions. I cannot explain this but offer some ideas. First, Saudi Arabia supplies much of our oil and is a respected and valued ally with investments in the United States. Second, the left is not terribly favorable to Christian belief. The difficulty of a Christian or pro-life speaker getting a chance to speak to students in our universities is some evidence of this. Conservative speakers who have attempted to be heard in our university campuses have been violently attacked or at least been vehemently opposed. Does the left entertain an anti-Christian prejudice? I am not prepared to say, but only suggest here an explanation for what I have just described. I close with the statement: To the left and our Muslim brothers and sisters and migrants, I have nothing to say and offer but the love God has for all his creatures and creation.