The Feminist Movement: A Critique

Feminism, A Critique
Feminism, A Critique

Feminism is a much discussed idea in our society and one might say is a “hot topic”.  It has its historical basis and understanding that in the patriarchal system of the past where husbands, kings and counselors subjugated the female sex to their purposes and ends.  The male husband supported his family and the head of state, usually a male, ran the kingdom. The feminist movement rightly proclaims and seeks an end to this subjugation and one might say, discrimination where men hold the major offices in business and government.  Today, we have seen women as prime ministers of England, India, and Israel and as cabinet members and elected senators and representatives in the United States.

Women rightly feel there should be full equality of opportunity in the government and corporate sector as well as in the professions and family and that the old patriarchal system should end.  

I have no argument with the obvious truth that men and women share the same human nature and are entitled to full rights and opportunities as citizens.  The creation story in Genesis states that God placed his image in both men and women and St. Paul very exactly stated that there was neither Greek nor Jew or male or female in the church founded by Christ.  

I have no dispute with the idea of full equality but I have something of a disagreement with the image of sharpness an aggressiveness in the imitation of men based on the idea that all men are tough, sharp and aggressive.  Some women, but not all, seem to believe that they must do this to obtain full respect and equality. Obviously, this thinking is incorrect. Not all men are football players and many have been composers, poets, and artists.  The male sex can be as nurturing as the female sex just as the woman can be as aggressive and domineering as the male. I part ways with this stereotype of men that some women adopt. Not all men are tough and unfeeling nor are all women kind and considerate.  It is somewhat significant that this supposedly tough and domineering male has produced the most sensitive love poetry and most beautiful works of art. There is some issue whether dominance and aggressiveness and toughness and lack of feeling are desirable qualities or worthy of imitation in any way.  So, I believe feminism is mistaken in assuming this to be male quality and mistaken in adopting it as a personal quality. To imitate the stupidest, most violent and cruel characteristics of the male nature ignores the fact that the male sex has produced Jesus, Moses, Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Handel, Bach, Virgil and Homer.  Thus, the feminist movement is good in that it argues for and obtains full equality and opportunity in this society and workforce. It is mistaken if it adopts what are essentially undesirably male qualities, if they are male qualities.

Finally, I must say that within the marriage relationship, there is some question whether feminism is appropriate or workable.  This quality within the workplace in society is somewhat inappropriate within the marriage and personal relationship between men and women.  I cannot say why this is so and can’t explain its truth but I can say this much: a woman who marries wishes to look up to and follow her husband and be in a relationship where she is not compelled to be the dominant factor for one reason or another.  This may happen and it may be good, but I’m not sure it is for the best.

This blog is taken from an essay on my book “Essays on Christian Worldview and Others, Political, Literary, and Philosophical”, published by Hamilton books.