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BLOGTALKRADIO Shows, Week of Sept. 16-22

Mon, Sept 16, 6:30pm
A Word about Satan
Who is Satan? How does he manifest himself in the world today?

Tues, Sept 17, 6:30pm
Is the Issue Gun Control?
More religion, and, specifically, bible reading in schools, will help resolve the gun and violence crisis.

Wed, Sept 18, 6:30pm
Extremism or Faith, and Do Christians Kill, Too?
Christians do kill, but they do so against the doctrine of their religion, not according to it, as Muslims do.

Thurs, Sept 19, 6:30pm
A Response to Criticism of the President’s Public Charge Rule
Should immigrants who need government assistance be granted green cards? I don’t think so.

Fri, Sept 20, 6:30pm
A few Words that should be Understood
Many words in today’s society are misunderstood: The words are: Sin, Democracy, Opinion, and Tolerance”

Sat, Sept. 21, 11pm
Why the Bible should be Read in the Schools
If children hear the words of the Bible, America will be a better place.

Sun, Sept. 22, 11pm
The Old are not to be Discarded
Elderly people are a benefit to society. Let’s explore how so.

The Andrew Schatkin Show will feature academic and celebrity guests from many fields from all over the world. The show will involve political commentary & religious opinions, and the guests will express whatever thoughts or opinions they may have on current events on their academic, political, or religious work, and will involve extensive discussion and interchange on wide-ranging topics of interest.

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