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Friday, Oct. 11, 6:30pm
The Riddle of Jesus Christ
Jesus was an enigma, and he calls us to love him and receive his love.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 11:00pm
The Compassion of Christ
Jesus Christ was perhaps the most compassionate figure in history.

Sunday, October 13, 11:00pm
The Measure of God’s Love
God’s love cannot be measured, and we need only look at the New Testament to see how true that is.

Monday, 10/14, 6:30
The Second Coming of Christ
When and where will Jesus come again? We are not sure, but He will come.

Tuesday, 10/15, 6:30
A Proposal for a Christian Workers’ and Peoples’ Party
We need a political movement in the USA to unite Christians and working people together.

Wednesday, 10/16, 6:30
The Religion of Former President Bush
Bush was a born-again Christian. And yet he waged war on Iraq, killing tens of thousands of innocent Muslims. Let’s explore his faith and decisions.

Thursday, 10/17, 6:30
Who Gets the Prize?
The media celebrate Gore and Obama getting the Novel prize; but what about the countless, faceless and nameless Christians who do great good in this world?

Friday, 10/18, 6:30
A Word about Contraception
Contraception is an interesting subject. Let’s explore…

Saturday, 10/19, 11:00
Christ and Culture
Is there a place for Christ in our modern secular culture? How can belief in Christ improve our culture?

Sunday, 10/20, 11:00
Angels and Demons
Angels and demons do exist, and they are mentioned frequently in the Bible.

The Andrew Schatkin Show will feature academic and celebrity guests from many fields from all over the world. The show will involve political commentary & religious opinions, and the guests will express whatever thoughts or opinions they may have on current events on their academic, political, or religious work, and will involve extensive discussion and interchange on wide-ranging topics of interest.

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