The Andrew Schatkin Show will feature academic and celebrity guests from many fields from all over the world. The show will involve political commentary, religious opinions, and the guests will express whatever thoughts or opinions they may have on current events on their academic, political, or religious work and will involve extensive discussion and interchange on wide-ranging topics of interest.

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EPISODES Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11
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Thursday, Aug 8, 6:30
The Measure of God’s Love
God loves us all so much…

Friday, Aug 9, 6:30
Some Comments on Left Wing Journalism
Left-wing journalists use words like “undocumented” in place of “illegal.” Let’s discuss this important issue…

Saturday, Aug 10, 11:00
My Mother: A Memory
I love and miss my mother, and this show is a tribute to her.

Sunday, Aug 11, 11:00
The Desperation of the Democratic Party
How desperate can the Democrats get? The answer is very desperate.

NEXT WEEK (8/12-8/18)

Monday 8/12, 6:30pm
Words and Language
The words and language that people use can be very powerful and meaningful.

Tuesday 8/13, 6:30pm
Moral Relativism
Moral Relativism is a common idea in today’s society. But is it really true that all morals and ideas are basically the same, and they all should be given the same respect?

Wednesday 8/14, 6:30pm
The Christian View of Poverty
The New Testament and Jesus are clear: the poor are blessed, and poverty is looked upon by God in a positive way.

Thursday 8/15, 6:30pm
The Old are not to be Discarded
Elderly people are extremely important and they can offer us a lot more than today’s “modern” society says they do.

Friday 8/16, 6:30pm
Religion v. Science: The Idea of the Supernatural
Some say that religion is nonsensical, but Christianity has existed for 2,000 years. Where will so-called modern science be 2,000 years from now?

Saturday 8/17, 11pm
Orthodoxy, or the Orthodox Christian belief system presumes a number of principles.

Sunday 8/18, 11pm
The Catholic Church and Sisterhood
Some comments about sisterhood and nuns in this ancient Church.

BlogTalkRadio will be on vacation from Aug 19 to Sept 1 and will resume on Monday, Sept. 2. Thank you for listening.