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Tag: Trump

Interview with Dr. Clete Bulach

In this interview, Dr. Bulach describes his recent books on conflict management style.  He suggests that the president adopt a more negotiation posture with the media and others, and he speaks of areas of agreement with the Trump administration as well as areas of disagreement.

Comment on Elite and Racism of POTUS

This commentary focuses on democratic party’s mistake in identifying apparently with the economic and educated elite. In addition, I engage in analysis of the completely erroneous positions of certain people apparently of the left wing that the President is a racist. Finally, I engage in a further analysis of the

Thoughts on Moral Issues

I speak about my opposition to abortion. The inaccurate reporting and accusation of President Trump being racist. The failure of media to address the wide range of violence that occurs all over the world and interesting focus on the alleged racism of the President.