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The Andrew Schatkin Show- Professor Lamin Sanneh

In this interview, Professor Sanneh discussed his background as originally in Islam, how he became to become a Catholic Christian and his academic history in Africa, England, and the United States where he has taught at Yale and Harvard University. He also discusses his books and his views and opinions

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Troy Anderson

Mr. Anderson is a journalist and writer with over 20 years experience. His recent book entitled “Trumpocalyspe” presents his views an opinions that the opposition to the president is from the “Global- Elite Wealthy Class”, and that this is the “true” opposition to the president based on wealth and money.

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Duaah Bajwa Hammad

Ms. Hammad, at the young age of 18, published her first book titled ” Finding Home”. She speaks about her experiences growing up as a Pakistani and her adjustment to the American culture. She has plans to publish other literary works.

The Thoughts of Dr. Lawrence Fedewa

This interview explored the varied background of Dr. Lawrence Fedewa in both Business, Industry, and his work as a University Professor and High School Teacher. The interview also touched on Dr. Fedewa’s views on certain Roman Catholic Theological issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and divorce and re-marriage.