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The Andrew Schatkin Show- Don C. Harris

In this interview Mr. Harris spoke of his former work as a Pastor and his present perspective in rejecting traditional Christianity for what he feels is the true message of Jesus in the Bible. Mr. Harris spoke about his book “Think Red Ink” and he also discussed his television program.

The Andrew Schatkin Show- John Vespasian

In this interview, Mr. Vespasian informed all of us about his 9 books in the area of ” Emotions and Psychology”. He made valid points that people often run their lives and make their decisions on the basis of feelings and emotions which are often misleading. Mr. Vespasian suggests that

The Andrew Schatkin Show- My Thoughts 1/22/2018

Tonight’s thoughts were a consideration of the Feminist movement. I agree that women should have full equality in the Economic System and be able to obtain any job they are qualified for. New York Times Columnist David Brooks regards in several of his columns things that regard the more educated

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

This interview with Dr. Tsipursky focused on his concern that our society does not value “Truth” and that our Political System is not a truthful one. Dr. Tsipursky wishes a system where truth is set-fourth and valued by both Political and Business sector.

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Dr. Kleber Mbenoun

This interview was with Dr. Kleber Mbenoun. As the author of the book entitled ” More Than A Great Partner”, Dr. Mbenoun describes his prior education and gave his views concerning Christian marriage and other relevant topics. Dr. Mbenoun describes his reasoning and beliefs and detailed the content of his

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Professor Lamin Sanneh

In this interview, Professor Sanneh discussed his background as originally in Islam, how he became to become a Catholic Christian and his academic history in Africa, England, and the United States where he has taught at Yale and Harvard University. He also discusses his books and his views and opinions

The Andrew Schatkin Show- Duaah Bajwa Hammad

Ms. Hammad, at the young age of 18, published her first book titled ” Finding Home”. She speaks about her experiences growing up as a Pakistani and her adjustment to the American culture. She has plans to publish other literary works.