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Bible Tutoring & Academic Tutoring Services

Bible Tutor & Discussion Leader Available

My name is Andrew Schatkin. I have an M Div degree in biblical languages, Greek, Latin and Hebrew from Princeton Theological Seminary and have served on a part time basis as a Pastor in Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Churches. I have published three Christian-oriented books inducing Essays on the Christian Worldview; Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics and Philosophy and the Parables a Personal Commentary. All are available on, and from the publisher Rowman Littlefield who can be reached for orders at 18004626420.

I now would like to offer for a reasonable cost or none at all Bible Studies sessions. The meetings will focus on both the Old and New Testament of the Bible and will be in the form of a mutual interchange and discussion where thoughts and views will be exchanged and all opinions heard and respected. If you are interested, please email I welcome all faiths and religious paths.

Tutor & Discussion Leader Available in Bayside, NY

My name is Andrew Schatkin. I would like to offer my services as a tutor, I have 5 years teaching and tutoring experience in grade levels including elem, middle school H S and College and adult education. I tutor in such areas as english, reading, writing, Latin, Law, paralega studies and history. I have been a guest on many tv and radio shows and presently am the host of a podcast which has a wide international audience and many of my guests have been professors and writers of wide reputation. I have a law degree J D1 two international law certificates from Holland and France and a masters in biblical and classical languages ,Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. I have written 5 books 5 book chapters and 4 more books are in process and planning. If you want to know more about me please feel free to consult my website SchatkinShow .com where you will see my books, blogs, and podcasts. I am sure you enjoy your tutoring experience which is one of mutual respect and in the form of a discussion, conversation and interchange where both tutor and student can and will learn from each other. If interested please e mail a. schaktin48