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“A few more comments on the status of the world persecution of Christians”

“A few more comments on the status of the world persecution of Christians”


Dear friends, thinkers, Christians and you of all faiths, ideas opinions and all views and thoughts, today I will once again review and speak of the persecution of Christians and the worldwide church. 

I have previously spoken of and took note of the persecution of the church worldwide, whether in Algeria where churches are closed, Saudi Arabia where no church can be erected and a Bible carried or sold publicly, and China where crosses on churches are torn down and churches demolished and torn down. In Pakistan there are blasphemy laws where an attack on the name of Muhammad can result in jailing, arrest and even execution. Let me make clear that the vast majority of Muslims are law-abiding family people who seek no harm to no one and merely wish to

live their lives in peace with their neighbors and support their families. 

I now will review recent acts of persecution of our world Christian neighbors. Walid from Egypt hated Christians early in life and beat and attacked a Christian coworker. He encountered Christ in a dream only to receive harsh treatment from Islamic leaders. His family, when they learned of his Christian faith, began to beat him daily, took his belongings and fed him with table scraps. 

That is one example of Christian persecution. Here is another. Liliana from Colombia moved with her parents to an area on the Colombian-Venezuelan border to engage in church planting in 2011. Her father left the house never to return and the family fled the area in fear. In another instance of Christian persecution, Eldos from Kyrgyzstan was also persecuted for his Christian faith and when he refused to recite the Islamic confession of faith, three radical Muslims beat him severely, broke his jaw, damaged one eye, fractured his skull, knocked out several of his teeth and gave him a concussion. 

Here is more persecution of a Christian: The Muslim father of Saidah from Uganda beat her and kicked her out of the house. Though she reconciled with her father, she still could not return home and stayed at the pastor’s home. 


Here ends my latest recital of the persecution of Christians in and throughout the world. I ask Christians and you of all faiths to take note of these events and tell the world and your elected officials to put a stop to these acts of barbarism and not permit the world to ignore what is happening here and not to continue to allow the world to walk over the burned and mutilated bodies of our brothers and sisters of any faith. Let my cry and the cries of the hurt and tortured bodies and souls of these Christian brothers and sister be heard in all the world.