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I am pleased to say that the following Arab/ Muslim universities and other institutions have obtained the following articles of mine published in Academicus, an international Albanian scientific journal, and published in the Syracuse Law Review. The articles published in Academicus are 1. Should Title VII of the United States Code Prohibiting Sex Discrimination Be Based on Sexual Orientation: An Argument; 2. Has the USA Educational System Failed? Why It has Failed and What Can be Done; and 3. The Criminal Procedure Articles in the Syracuse Law Review.

Here are the institutions that have obtained these articles and I am happy to report that our Arab/Muslim brothers and sisters have seen fit to take up these articles: KOC University, Istanbul; American University of Iraq, Baghdad; United ARAB Emirates University; Abu Dhabi University; Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi; ADA University library, Azerbaijan; American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; US Supreme Court; European Parliament; Peace Palace, the Hague the Netherlands; FCC; US Dept. of Labor; College of Europe; and European University Institute.

I welcome and join with you all, my Arab/ Muslim brothers and sisters, in pursuit of knowledge