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“Another observation of the worldwide persecution of the Christian faith and Christian believers”

“Another observation of the worldwide persecution of the Christian faith and Christian believers”


My dear friends, thinkers, readers and men and women of all thoughts, ideas and opinions, I ask you today to walk with me on the issue of the current worldwide persecution of the church and Christian believers. I have spoken and reported on this issue several times in the past where I stated these persecutions occur in China where pastors are jailed and their churches and the crosses on top of the church are demolished and in Pakistan where there are blasphemy laws directed to arrest and jail those who say a word again the prophet Muhammad. Finally, I noted in Saudi Arabia no Bible can be distributed and no church built. I want to emphasize that whatever persecution occurs in Islamic societies is on the part of a small minority. I know well that the great number of our Islamic brothers and sisters are law abiding and simply wish to live their lives in an honest and upright fashion to support their families. These attacks and acts of violence perpetrated against Christians are actions of a very thin minority and percentage.

Let me now report some current acts of persecution that I think and believe the world should know and be aware of. Leah was abducted in 2018 in Nigeria by the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram and presently has borne a second child. She was threatened with murder and enslavement unless she renounced her Christian faith and presently continues to suffer in captivity. Again in 2011 an Islamic Fulani terrorist shot and killed Alice’s husband. He was taken to the hospital where he could not be saved and he died. Her village was attacked, and her crops and farmland and her house were destroyed, forcing her to flee.

Let us look at further incidents and examples of the persecution of the church and Christian believers. Catholics leaving a Catholic cathedral in Indonesia were attacked on March 28, 2021. Many were injured.

Here is another incident of persecution: Illegal immigrants held at a predeparture immigration detention facility at Corinth, Greece set the facility on fire following the suicide of a migrant. With chants of “Allahu Akbar,” the illegal immigrants detained set the building on fire prior to deportation to their countries. After a young man of Turkish and Kurdish descent was found hanging in the toilet where 700 illegal immigrants were held, rioting broke out and rocks were thrown. Moreover, there have been incidents of sexual attacks by men of Pakistani descent against the local Greek population. In Crete there was an assault and attempted rape on a local woman and there was an attempted assault on a thirteen-year-old boy. I cannot but emphasize the unique character of these incidents, the product of a small minority of our dear Muslim friends, brothers, and sisters.

Finally, I report that recently, at the end of March, a Catholic priest and at least six others were killed in Nigeria. Bandits had attacked St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Aye-Twar village, and also raided the village and set many houses on fire. Fr. Ngugban had served as the assistant priest at St. Paul’s and was the assistant cathedral administrator for the diocese of Katsina-Ala and a priest of St. Peter Parish. His murder comes days after another Nigerian priest, Fr. Harrison, was released after a week-long kidnapping. 

I now end this essay and these reports of the worldwide persecution of Christians and the church and again must say and cannot emphasize more strongly that these acts of violence are committed by a small minority, when they occur, of our brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding contributors to society. I myself entertain no hostility or discrimination toward this community nor should anyone else. I ask, however, all to take note of these persecutions and rise up and protest this violence and contact your legislators, state, city and federal, to address these brutal atrocities where many innocents have been attacked, tortured and died. I ask you not to walk over the dead bodies of these suffering innocents; let the world know of these incidents which are barely reported by the mainstream media, and give up political correctness for truth.