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“A Little More on the Persecution of Christians and the Church Worldwide”

“A Little More on the Persecution of Christians and the Church Worldwide”


My dear Christians and non-Christians and you of all faiths and thoughts and all views and opinions, I bid and ask you to join with me in another voyage of intellectual discovery where those who may wish to engage in critical thinking and do not engage in and accept media lies, falsehoods, political code words and hype can join in the effort to gain truth and facts amid the barrage of corruption and virtual darkness we are confronted with and befuddled with and made effective fools of. I welcome you in this quest of attaining and coming to know intellectual honesty and honest discernment. Join with me to get at and find what is valid and authentic in this world of confusion and come with me in tearing apart the curtain of lies and darkness that hides from us what is truth and facts.

Today once again I shall be speaking and reporting on the worldwide persecution of the church and of Christian believers. This persecution for me is most painful. I have spoken of these persecutions in the past in such areas as Nigeria where Christians are regularly attacked and killed; and the situation in Pakistan where blasphemy laws can result in the incarceration and execution of Christians who speak a word against the prophet Muhammad; and in 
Saudi Arabia where a church cannot be built or a Bible publicly displayed; and finally, in China where pastors are jailed, churches demolished, and crosses removed.

Dear friends, believers and non-believers, let me make clear how I treasure and love my Muslim brothers and sisters who I well know are good and worthy people and only a very small minority of persons in those societies commit or engage in these acts of violence. The vast majority of Muslims seek to maintain their families and live their lives in an honest fashion and live at peace with all their neighbors. And so, be clear, I entertain no hostility or discrimination to these wonderful people. 

I now report on recent acts of persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters. Just recently 317 Nigerian Christian schoolgirls in a boarding school were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. They have been subsequently released. Next, I will speak of Omar and Eleni and their five children. Omar and Eleni, both Muslims, became Christians and both went to a monastery where they were baptized. Both lived with Omar’s mother who, believing that Eleni was drawing Omar away from the Muslim faith, tried to poison her. The attempt at murder was unsuccessful and the mother ousted both Omar and Eleni from her house and threatened them. This is one instance of recent persecution.

Let me give you another example of anti-Christian persecution. Naomi, a Nigerian, moved to a Nigerian Christian community where the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram targeted her and she began running to a nearby town. She was caught by Boko Haram fighters who said they would kill her if she did not renounce her Christian faith. After running past corpses, she found her children and fled to the mountains where she lived for two years, living on leaves, and fled to Cameroon where she lived in a refugee camp for two years and then returned to Nigeria where she stayed in a refugee camp. Again, this is another instance of anti-Christian persecution.

And then in Uganda, Faridah’s restaurant burned down and six months after that her rented house caught fire and burned down. Faridah became a Christian after her husband left her and her relatives cursed her and said she would never have peace as long as she followed Christ. Her landlord wants reimbursement for the loss of his rental property which he said burned down due to her Christian faith. This is a third instance of Christian persecution.

Finally, I end with this word and note: I am a subscriber to Christian News and in volume 58 number 42 dated Nov. 16, 2020 and volume 59 number 7 it was reported that a Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Institution and Concordia College in Bronxville closed. It was also reported that a close associate of Dr. Nunes and an employee of Concordia College, Lindsay Fertig-Johnson, was legally married to another woman, Sarah Fertig-Johnson, since their wedding in 2017. Let me say and make clear I have nothing but love and do greatly treasure my homosexual brothers and sisters and they are always welcome in the church. Yet despite this caution and caveat, this marriage of two lesbians cannot be endorsed in a Lutheran College and Christian institution. To do so is in defiance of the historical Christian faith and the words of Holy Scripture found in Paul’s Letter to the Romans; the words of Leviticus; Jesus’s clear mandate that a man must and should leave his parents and marry a woman; and, of course, the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin and corruption, at least for the Christian faith and for some but not all Christian believers. For Dr. Nunes to permit this and for Concordia to permit it is an attack on the Christian faith as understood for centuries on this issue and in essence is a form of attack and persecution on our faith, much as I love and respect my gay brothers and sisters. There are many sins but this we all fall short.

This concludes this essay on the continuing persecution of the Christian faith worldwide. I urge all who read this report to understand these events that it would appear the mainstream media decline to speak of or report on and I ask you all, do not permit the innocent burned bodies of our Christian brothers and sisters be walked over and ignored and do report these persecutions and attacks to your elected officials, state and federal, to make an end of these persecutions, attacks, and violence against the church and the Christian faith. Finally, I say that I abhor any and all forms of persecution and violence directed to any religion or race or nationality. I ask if they occur to stop any brutality or atrocity directed to any group, Christian or otherwise. End them all once and for all.