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Podcast with Rev. Edward F. Eberly

From his LinkedIn profile:

I was ordained into the ministry in 1975 and since that time have founded and pastored several churches. I’m an Evangelist and have evangelized by holding healing and miracle services in many areas. The last few years God has also directed me to write articles in magazines, and write and send many teachings of Gods Word here in the United States as well as all over the world on social media. I also had a radio program called “Gods Word In Action”. God inspired and directed me to write my first book in February 2012 OVERPOWERING INFLUENCE OF THE TRUTH, which is touching many lives for Jesus Christ, and changing their lives. My motivation and passion is for reaching the lost as well as Christians with the truth of Gods Word. God has given me a unique way of simplifying and making His Word understandable and practical getting results in peoples lives. Seeing people saved, healed, delivered, blessed, and fruitful in service for our Lord Jesus Christ is my purpose on this earth.

The book “OVERPOWERING INFLUENCE OF THE TRUTH” is about my experiences, and how I used God’s Word in faith for miracles to manifest from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. The power of God’s Word applied to your life will change your negative into positive. The theme of this book is faith in God for all things. All things are possible with God. This book will teach you how to use God’s Word to turn your problem’s into solutions. God has no problems, all He has is solutions.

• Revelation of Biblical truths simplified
• Teaches how to bring spiritual truths into reality
• Walking in forgiveness
• Victory over fear
• How to have unshakeable faith
• Overcome discouragement
• Value of our integrity in relationship to God
• Learn to live above daily interferences
• How to escape the pitfalls of this life
• How to live an abundant, fruitful, and pleasing life for God.

It can be purchased at, or Amazon or notify me $17