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Podcast with Dr. Denise Gates

Dr. Denise Gates is a business professor, author, and consultant, specializing in organizational communication and management. As a professor she has taught strategic management, business communication, organizational communication, etc. As an author she has published three books and several articles in addition to speaking at national and international conferences. Her consulting work has focused on organizational development and leadership for businesses and non-profit organizations. Utilizing her international model, which was published in 2009, she consults with senior-level leaders to overcome challenges they often experience managing personnel and leading teams. She helps firms draw the greatest value out of teams.

She can help you:
•Lead organizational change efforts to enhance effectiveness
•Transform workplace cultures by aligning them with strategic organizational goals
•Increase member retention and participant engagement
•Improve customer service and inspire customer loyalty
•Develop more ethical leaders
•Gain a competitive advantage with personnel
•Maximize effectiveness and improve productivity

Dr. Gates earned her doctoral degree and post-doctorate in organizational communication and management. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Gates was employed as a professional writer and editor for an insurance firm. She also directed two programs, a leadership academy and a youth program designed to produce a community newspaper. In addition to her roles as writer, consultant, professor, and program director, Dr. Gates has been recognized for volunteering in her community. She enjoys helping people attain their goals.