“A Few More Words and Comments on the Current Worldwide Persecution of Christians,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“A Few More Words and Comments on the Current Worldwide Persecution of Christians,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

Ladies and gentlemen and all friends, colleagues, thinkers readers, and persons of all thoughts and opinions and ideas, I now would like to address more incidents of the worldwide persecution of Christians, largely unreported by the mainstream media but of great concern for all those who care about the lives of others persecuted by world forces. In previous essays I have reported the persecution of the church in Algeria, where churches are being closed; the persecution of the Coptic church in Egypt; of Christians in their churches in Pakistan, where a word said against the prophet can bring jail and even a death sentence; and the continued persecution of the church in Saudi Arabia and in China where churches and crosses are demolished and pastors jailed. Also, in Saudi Arabia where no bible can be exhibited publicly or church built. I do not attack or blame our Muslim brothers and sisters who often seem to be responsible for this violence and persecution since only a small minority of persons of that faith are involved, but I must add there is an ongoing persecution of Christians in Nigeria and their murder by radical Islamic factions, which as I say are only a small minority of that culture.

I now wish to speak of two instances or persecution of Christians. In Haiti, a pastor, Jean Quetant, and his wife, both serving as missionaries, were gunned down in their home. They were in the process of building a church and orphanage, but a home invasion resulted in their home being ransacked, their belongings stolen, and both were shot and killed during the invasion. The couple was originally from Haiti and moved to the U.S. from Haiti for a better life. The couple loved Haiti and the children are working to get their bodies to Florida after their tragic murder. Once again, we have the persecution and murder of a beloved pastor and his wife largely unreported.

Let me give you a second example of the persecution of Christians worldwide. After spending four years in prison, a Vietnamese pastor was released from jail before he completed his 5-year jail term. He was accused of helping people to escape abroad. He was arrested 2016 while on his way to visit some members of his church. The authorities tortured the pastor to admit the charges against him and questioned members of the church. His release came after many rights groups and officials in the us worked and advocated for his release.

My dear friends, I point out these examples of the persecution of Christians and ask and petition you all to be aware of these persecutions and make your neighbors, friends, and all teachers in your school systems aware of these tragedies and as well do ask your legislators and police to stand up and preserve the lives of these innocents dying and suffering for Christ and his love.

Note: I owe this information to the issue of Christian News dated Nov. 11, 2020 p.11.