“A Critique of an Article with Misconceptions, Misstatements, and Misinterpretations,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“A Critique of an Article with Misconceptions, Misstatements and Misinterpretations,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

I am writing to critique a scholarly essay by Andrew Whitehead entitled “Make America Christian Again: Christian Nationalism and Why People Voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election in 2016.” As a member of Academia, a site for scholarly articles, I am happy to say many of my articles have been downloaded by universities, and students both in Europe and Asia, including many Muslim countries, since many of these articles have a Christian and conservative orientation.

I have respect and good words for this professor and author but take issue with his analysis. He gives a number of reason for why Donald Trump was elected including the economy; sexism; racism; Islamophobia; xenophobia; and anti-black, anti-Muslim; anti-immigrant, anti-refugee sentiments.

The reasons given are conclusions and lack factual foundation. This President ran a billion dollar business in New York City, the most diverse city in the world and many of his thousands of employees were women, blacks, Latinos and Muslims. It is beyond reason and a gross stretch if not outright mistake and possibly a falsehood to say and promulgate these misconceptions by this author. There is no evidence that as President he is anti-women when he is pro-life and half of the babies thrown into refuse cans were and are female and most abortions are performed on the poorest of our citizens, mostly black and Latino. It is most likely that of the sixty million odd persons that voted for this President, many were female and I personally know some extremely competent and highly educated women who voted for him. To accuse President Trump of being anti-black borders on the absurd when this present economy has brought thousands of jobs to the black communities across the nation and in addition his correct policy as the chief executive of this nation of taking legal action against illegal immigrants has preserved employment for the most vulnerable and poorest of our citizens, black and Latino, whose jobs and job opportunities might otherwise b snatched by illegal immigrants.

In addition, President Trump is not anti-Muslim. For some years, this and other countries in Europe and Asia and Africa have been subject to violent attacks by certain elements of the political/religious and cultural Muslim world from certain Muslim countries. His travel ban did not include the most Muslim countries including Indonesia, Egypt ,and Nigeria. These attacks are from a minority of those societies but are nevertheless real and actual events that the President acted on for reasons of national security. These attacks occurred in New York City, Boston, South Carolina, Texas; and there was an anti-gay attack in Orlando, FL and in California.

These events are undeniable and real and it is grossly obvious that the President did not act with bias or prejudice but fulfilled his role as the leader on this nation. In the year 2019, many planned attacks of this type and of this genesis have been prevented including two women in queens who pled guilty to a bomb plot; a 19 years old Queens teen charged with plotting an Isis-inspired knife attack; a Brooklyn man accused of being a Isis sniper; and many others.

Truth cannot be denied by slander and screaming prejudice. Mr. Trump is accused as reasons for those who voted for him of being anti-immigrant. Not so. He simply wants legal immigrants and no society can allow mass illegal presence. He has reasons for barring one group and not allowing law violators to enter the country and manipulate the system to use our medical facilities, employment system, and educational system. President Trump is the leader of a nation state, not a church or synagogue, and correctly has a policy not tolerating mass law violating and misuse of our system and resources. The cry of bias and prejudice rings hollow and no longer works. More to the point, none of these reasons for voting for President Trump put forth here have any factual foundation since there was and is a secret ballot and the reasons for voting are not public and in the hearts and minds of the voters.

Xenophobia is cited as the reason for the voters for Donald Trump. First, there are not facts to buttress this statement and it is wishful thinking in the minds of the left who see and claim that only blue collar southern white and rust belt factory workers voted for President Trump with the implication they are stupid and uneducated and were termed deplorables by the defeated Mrs. Clinton. I have not found anyone stupid, whether they have graduated from high school or have a Ph.D., and, as a Christian, I say to this writer of this book that Jesus chose fisherman as his disciples as well as a tax collector; that Jesus was a carpenter; and St. Paul a tentmaker.

This is the last I have to say to Mr. Whitehead who deals in only raw opinions and conclusions about who and why persons voted for President Trump and I note to Mr. Whitehead the facts I have cited here as to this President .

At least Mr. Whitehead did not say that President was anti- Semitic, as he is the most pro-Israel President we have ever had in office. I shall say I am interested in truth and honest discernment or, better put, facts not fiction. I have no idea why anyone votes for anyone else and chooses to engage in innuendo and slander to account for this election outcome and result and do hope this essay sheds some light on matters otherwise hidden in rhetoric, which gets none of us anywhere.