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Podcast with Dick Rocket

Dick Rocket is the Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of, a stealth-mode startup that was recently featured in GeekWire ( Prior to launching Orrery, Rocket founded and served for a decade as CEO for NewSpace Global (NSG), the world’s first information provider focused on the commercialization of space. Clients included FedEx, McKinsey, Stanford University, the Japanese space agency (JAXA), the White House, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, the United Arab Emirates and hundreds of others all over the world. While running NSG, he was the leading expert on the privatization of space and a regular source for Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fox News, NBC, CNBC, The Financial Times and The San Francisco Chronicle. Rocket is a graduate of UC Berkeley Law School and worked as a private equity fund formation attorney in New York City and London following his time at Berkeley. He is a proud father, avid reader and dedicated to curing cancer in space.