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Podcast with Bertie le Roux

From Bertie’s Twitter profile:

I believe that experience teach, leads and guide and has always been aware that every step of my road is another opportunity to either gain knowledge and experience or an opportunity to coach those I meet along the way.

Over and above my 40 odd years in business and my business related university degrees I pride myself that my biggest achievements has always been the ability to transfer skills and experiences – formally (seminars/speaking opportunities) or informal (one-on-one as mentor and/or as coach). I am 61 years young!

I have worked in finance, commerce and human resource fields – in medium and corporate (also parastatals) companies and consulted in 4 continents (US, Europe, Africa, China) in wide and diverse fields.

I am also a ex high school (secondary) teacher.

I am an NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) Whole Brain Preference Thinking Practitioner, a Professional Life Coach and a professionally qualified sport coach which allow me the flexibility in the area of motivational speaking.

I am also a qualified Public Speaker ( schooled by Andy Harrington’s team)

Also been involved with Rotary – in particular Youth Exchange program and was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship