A Response to the Left Media Criticism of the President’s Travel Ban

Recently, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the legality and legitimacy and necessity for the President’s travel ban.  I would like to talk about the left media’s response to the president’s action in this respect. In the Queens Examiner newspaper of June 28, 2018 this local Queens newspaper stated that the action in this respect is exclusionary and analogized the travel ban to the 1944 decision which upheld the internment of Japanese Americans.  The article also mentioned the restriction of Japanese immigration and even of immigration for much of Asia in 1917 by the immigration act. This analysis is grossly misplaced. The president’s travel ban was not seeking to exclude and was not racially motivated but had its basis in the long series of internal attacks emanating from certain Muslim countries which include attacks in New York, Boston, California, Florida, South Carolina, and many attacks in Europe including Belgium, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  The president’s action here is pragmatic and based on national security in response to the taking of American lives by certain elements of Muslim society in certain countries. The president does not seek to exclude or bar people by reason of their race but seeks to preserve the safety and security of the American people.

In a further article, from the Huntington Post, again there was an accusation that this travel ban was anti-Muslim and racial.  Again, this accusation is grossly misplaced and incorrect for the reasons I have indicated here. The president’s travel is a pragmatic response to homicidal and murderous attacks on the American people by perhaps a small minority of certain cultural and religious elements in certain Muslim countries.  Again, the accusation by the Huntington Post is completely off-balance. It is a disgraceful statement by Becca Heller, the director and co-founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project who calls the Supreme Court decision “absolutely devastating not only for Muslims who she said are the primary target of this shameful ban but for everybody who believes in the freedom of religion”.  Ms. Heller states that this decision will embolden the president even more to discriminate against everyone his administration deems undesirable. The position of the left in this respect ignores a series of attacks causing the deaths of American citizens. These are the facts which Ms. Heller ignores and wishes away and does not mention. Finally, there was an article by George Takei, an actor who is a Japanese American who grew up behind barbed wire of U.S. internment camps.  He analogizes what happens to Japanese Americans to Muslims being painted as potential terrorists. The analogy by Mr. Takei of the president’s travel ban to the internment of Japanese Americans is a gross outrage to any person’s intellect and intelligence. Mr. Takei ignores the consistent series of attacks by perhaps a minority of persons in Muslim countries throughout the world. Most recently, a Jewish woman was burned to death in France and 150 Christians were murdered by a Muslim terrorist organization in Nigeria.  Mr. Takei chooses to ignore the reality of what has occurred and is occurring.

Let me make clear that I, myself, as a Christian have no hatred and certainly do not wish to discriminate against our Muslim brothers, most of whom are peaceful and hard-working.  However, the president is left with no choice in taking these actions targeted by Mr. Takei, the Huntington Post, and Queens Examiner. I abhor racism and any form of discrimination knowing that God has eternal love for all.  However, the president’s travel ban is quite clearly an appropriate action to violent threats against our society and other countries in the world. Mr. Takei, the Queens Examiner, and the Huntington Post wish to ignore the fact of these attacks coming from the Muslim religious and cultural system, perhaps a minority in certain countries.  The President’s response is not racism or exclusion but a response to a series of very disturbing events throughout the world which he cannot ignore as president of this country.