Don’t Miss this Podcast with Dr. Oktar Babuna on the Schatkin Show

Dr. Oktar Babuna

Do not miss out on this great podcast interview with Dr. Oktar Babuna, MD. He is a neurosurgeon, television host and commentator on science, faith related and political issues. Dr. Babuna is also a very prominent Muslim creationist scientist who has lectured at more than 1000 conferences on Islam and science in major universities and academic places, including those in USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc.  He has studied and done research at New York University, the University of California San Francisco and the University of California Berkeley. As a peace activist, Dr. Babuna also participates in promoting the peaceful message of Islam that stands for democracy, secularism, freedom and human rights. Check out this wonderful interview!