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A Defense of the President

The Democratic Party and the left wing of our system has been unremittingly critical of the President, his actions, and his policies.  Let us review for a moment what these criticisms consist of. The president has been called a racist and anti-semitic based on his

Sin and Evil

It started with Freud and Jung, this abdication of personal responsibility.  We began to blame wrongdoing and hostility on what our fathers and mothers did or did not do for us or with us.  Our primal urges we may use to excuse and explain our

Podcast Interview with Anna Djintcharadze

Anna Djintcharadze specializes in history and philosophy of religion. Her research interests include Neoplatonism, medieval reception of Neoplatonic heritage, modern philosophy, history of scientific ideas, and existentialism. Anna has taught at Boston College, the Institut de Formation Théologique de Montréal, the Saba Orbeliani Institute for

Is Poverty Blessed?

During his earthly life, Jesus of Nazareth is recorded as having said many things to many different audiences. Many of these sayings can best be termed “cryptic” and “radical”. In the Gospel of Matthew, for example, Jesus is reported to have said: “Do not think

“Priests or Priestesses,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“Priests or Priestesses,” by Andrew J. Schatkin At this particular point in history, the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, and certain Protestant churches such as the Southern Baptists and Missouri-Synod Lutherans do not ordain women as priests or ministers. The feminist movement is

A Response to Some Things Said About President Trump

I submit here in this blog my thoughts on the unfair accusation of the president’s alleged anti-semitism, a word on the legal status of the Dreamers, and a final comment on an article on the New York Times, dated May 11, 2018.   The left ideological