Why I Do Not Believe in Evolution

I could say that I am relatively well-educated having written five books and I also have three degrees, international, law and Biblical languages from Princeton Theological Seminary.  I have also written five book chapters. I say this not appearing to be arrogant or proud but I am seeking to explain why I do not adhere to the theory of evolution despite the fact that for many people those who take this position are often said to be illiterate, uneducated or lacking knowledge and insight.  Darwin stated his theory of evolution in two books, Origin of Species and The Voyage of the Beagle.  I know a little of the details of Darwin’s book and his theory but I would like to make a few comments about it, its truth and validity.  

Darwin gave the view that by a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest, life developed from the sea into a variety of species including mammals and he concluded that these changes are recorded in fossil remains.  Darwin concluded, it would appear, that the human race has a connection with monkeys, gorillas, and the great apes. At first glance, he would appear to have a point since there is a similarity of appearance between people and monkeys.  The theory however is a theory. As a casual observer, having lived for some years, I have a problem with this theory. We do know that it happened, that these species appeared, but how it happened is a rather perplexing question. The first question is why has it stopped, why it is not going on now?  The second problem I have with this theory is how it could have happened by accident. I am not presently aware of any cells in any persons, animals, or plants, undergoing change to produce new kinds of persons and beings. In short, I refuse to believe that however long period of time involved, all these things happened by accident and not creation.  The third issue I have with the theory is that I have never known anything coming into being by accident. A house needs a builder, a car requires someone to put it together, and a tree requires a seed. I fail to understand how these fantastic new gradations of species came into being without someone doing it. All I know is that nothing happens by accident.  I write an essay, I go to the store to buy food and make the meal. People who believe in evolution regard those who believe God creating things as primitive. Everything has a cause. The people who believe in evolution find no cause. I find in life everything has a cause, a result and and an end. People who accept Darwin’s theory make fun of people who adhere to or believe the Biblical account of creation in seven days.  I do not because everything is created – from a sandwich to a cathedral. I note that the Biblical account of creation is sequential and to some extent, presents a gradual creation of animals, men, plants, and fish. The Biblical account in some sense is close to the theory of evolution. The best that can be said of evolution is that it is nothing more than a theory and the worst of it is that it is miserable and definitively fails to explain the facts and human experience.  

The academic intelligentsia make fun of the so-called fundamentalists that reject evolution as a theory. I think the reverse is true. I think the fundamentalists better account for the facts and the evolutionists are grasping at straws. It stretches human rational thinking beyond belief thinking that anything came out of the sea and began to walk around no matter how much time elapsed. This is my opinion for all that it is worth. I note at the end of this literary excursus that there is a world beyond Western secular society in which the vast majority of humankind still believes in God.  I know this much, no matter how little I know, that nothing happens without a reason, cause, or ending.