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Interview with Josh Tolley

Analysis of alleged police brutality attacks on the African-American community and an analysis by Mr. Tolley on president Trump’s travel ban and issue of the NFL players kneeling.

Are all religions the same?

The statement “all religions are the same” is a political statement and in reality each religion has a specific set of beliefs which should be respected.

What is progressive and what is not

In this broadcast, I summarize the use of the word progression with respect to concerns such as free abortion, creation as opposed to Darwin’s theory, the supreme court’s decision on same-sex marriage, and the Department of Justice’s letter analyzing under title 9 transgender discrimination.

Interview with Dr. Célestin Musekura

In this interview Dr. Musekura explains his work in Africa with the church in which he is attempting primarily to build peace-building bridges between various tribal groups and bring love and unity to African society and end tribal hate.

Interview with Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein speaks about current issues with respect to President Trump and his policies, on the issue of immigration, and the issue of illegal immigration.

Comment on Elite and Racism of POTUS

This commentary focuses on democratic party’s mistake in identifying apparently with the economic and educated elite. In addition, I engage in analysis of the completely erroneous positions of certain people apparently of the left wing that the President is a racist. Finally, I engage in