Our Approach

Our approach to this show is that all people and views should be heard.  The show is in the format of an interactive interview where hosts and guests, whatever their views or perspectives, are heard and respected.  We do not, in this show, pretend to have all the answers but we are willing to talk and most importantly, to listen.

About andrew

Andrew SchatkinAndrew J. Schatkin is presently a business and educational consultant, writer, speaker, and teacher. He has written 2 legal treatises, Select Legal Topics, 650 page legal treatise, and Select Legal Topics Vol. 2. In addition Andrew J. Schatkin has written many law review articles including a 90 page law review article in the Syracuse law review on criminal procedure. He has also written a number of religious/philosophical books including essays on the Christian world view and essays on faith, culture, politics, and philosophy. These books have been widely sold to both National and International university libraries including Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the American University in Cairo, universities in Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, and universities in Mexico, Canada, and South America. Andrew J. Schatkin is publishing a 5th book in the next few months on the parables of Jesus in the New Testament and a number of books are in the planning and writing stage on the Psalms, book on miracles, and a book on pre-trial motions and hearings in criminal law.

Andrew J. Schatkin has a JD degree from the Villanova University Law School; and M.DIV degree in Biblical and Classical languages (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew) from Princeton Theological Seminary as well as 2 international law certificates from the Hague in the Netherlands, and Strasbourg, France. Andrew J. Schatkin is the recipient of many awards including approval for a Fulbright award; is listed in several Who’s Who and is listed as an international authority by the library of congress.

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