“Analysis of Matthew 7:6,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“Analysis of Matthew 7:6,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

My dear readers and thinkers and you who wish to arrive and seek to understand truth and facts and reject political code words, political hype and the false and misleading messages found on the media and constantly thrust upon your consciousness and on your souls, I ask you to join in this intellectual adventure and proceed with me not under the standard of political correctness, but under the idea and goal of not being misled with lies and falsehoods, and join with me in critical thinking and gaining light and enlightenment and ridding your minds and souls and spirits of the darkness that is continually thrust upon us all.

Today, my dear ladies and gentleman, I will attempt know, analyze, and understand one of the most challenging and puzzling of the sayings of Jesus found in the gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verse 6, where Jesus tells us ‘do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.’

How are we to grasp and understand this reference to giving to what Jesus terms dogs or pearls before swine and says it is possible they will reject the gift and then says in an amazing conclusion that these same people who you gave the gift of pearls may turn to attack you? What does Jesus mean by what is holy and by pearls and by the reference to dogs and swine? These are metaphors and not to be understood in their literal sense and meaning. What is holy could mean sacrificial meat but more likely means the gospel of the message of the coming kingdom of god, and dogs could mean those not receptive to the gospel of his message and he tells these persons not hearing and understanding the gospel message are akin to dogs and he tells us not to waste our time in seeking to convince them of the gospel message and to move on to those whose minds are open to his love and message of his granting eternal life, to those who place their faith in him and believe. The term pearls again means the message of the gospel and of the coming kingdom. The best way I think is to understand these verses is light of our experience. We all come to know at some point in our lives that not all people will be receptive to us and open so to speak to our and his message of the joy and love of the eternal kingdom. Jesus tell us here of something we all come to know in our lives, not to waste our time on what are essentially fools and to approach those who possess the intellect to understand what we are talking about when we seek to convey the gospel message and, more important, what he is talking about. He calls those who either reject his message a dogs and swine and tells us to walk away from them and present his gospel, whose minds and spirits intellectually recognize the truth and validity of what he is saying and want to communicate within his message of the gospel. Dogs and swine are harsh words, but the terms, I think, are borne out by our life experience. Don’t waste your time on those who spurn the gospel for whatever reason and spend your time and move on to the souls that recognize the truth of Jesus’s message, or have the perception and thinking to do so.

I also note that Jesus says if we attempt and persist to present the gospel to the unbeliever who rejects it, we run the danger of being attacked. He is saying, I think, that if we try to convince evil, we run the danger of turned on and attacked.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have gained some understanding and insight into the meaning and message of Jesus’s words here ask you to understand that only with my limitations can I even attempt to grasp and comprehend once again the words of the eternal god as he speaks to us in his holy word and speaks from the precincts of heaven and the realms of eternity. I welcome comments on my email a.schatkin48@gmail.com.