Podcast with Dr. Rick Chromey

Known as the “Original EduTrainer,” Dr. Rick Chromey and his non-profit organization MANNA! Educational Services International provides churches, Christian schools and faith-based organizations with high-quality workshops, motivational messages and consultations.

For over a three decades, he has trained, keynoted, inspired and taught leaders to lead, teachers to teach and parents to parent. His speaking expertise includes cultural and technological change, generational studies, leadership development, creative communication and motivational theory. However, he also enjoys speaking for all types of events, from graduations to conferences to locker rooms to Sunday morning church. If you have a need or reason to be inspired, Rick will speak to it!

Please visit his website for more information: www.mannasolutions.org

Specialties: Generational theory, leadership styles, branding and identity, postmodern cultural change, youth/children’s ministry, classroom management, creative communication (teaching, speaking, presentations)