Podcast with Ashraf Ramelah

Ashraf Ramelah is dedicated to the Coptic cause. His mission is to give voice to the silent and oppressed minority Copts of Egypt. He founded Voice of the Copts, a non-profit human rights organization, in 2008, which is developing the La Casa Futura project to aid Coptic youth in refugee status to integrate in the West. Educating the West on the relevant issues has afforded him the opportunity to address the European Parliament (2010) and be a keynote speaker in the Italian Parliament (2011) to explain the issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt. Ramelah appears in the US, Italian, Latino and Arabic media, and his commentary and reports are published at Arutz Sheva, American Thinker, Family Security Matters.com, Canada Free Press and others. Voice of the Copts is dedicated to bringing fair, correct and balanced information to the world regarding Coptic Christians in Egypt. A Copt born in Cairo, Ashraf Ramelah currently appears as an entry in the Coptic History Encyclopedia (http://www.coptichistory.org/new_page_5260.htm). Ashraf has given talks and is available to speak on the Coptic situation in Egypt.