“Do All Religions Have Extremists, and, Do Christians Kill, Too?” by Andrew J. Schatkin

I would like to talk about here about radical Islam and what the left seems to offer as an explanation. There have been for some years many attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, whether in the United States, Europe, or Africa, and the present genocide of Christian communities in the Middle East by the forces of radical Islam. The Coptic Church has been attacked in Egypt and Christians killed; Christians have been killed in the Sudan as well as in Nigeria, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Muhammad, from Arabia, decimated and destroyed the Christian and Jewish communities in North Africa, was in Spain for 700 years and at the gates of Vienna in 1550. The state of Israel has been since its inception subject to attacks on a continuous basis from the forces of Arab and Muslim radicals. There are those who say that those who commit these attacks are just an extremist minority. To that I say, first, Muslim societies are uniformly oppressive. In Pakistan, there are blasphemy laws and in Saudi Arabia there are not only religious police but laws against the functioning of other religious systems. Churches cannot be built and bibles allowed to be distributed. So is the word “extremist” the right word and analysis for these acts of violence and murder? I think not. The Koran specifically directs the killing of apostates; the subjugation of women; and the killing of infidels. Those who do these acts of violence are following those dictates and directions. They are not extremists but seem to be following their faith. As for other religions having extremists, that may be so but at least in this point of time I am not aware of Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos, Christians, or Jews emerging from their houses of worship and doing acts of violence to so-called infidels or those who do not embrace their particular religious system. They may have done so in the past, although I lack knowledge to make any sort of definitive statement here, but they are not doing acts of violence in the name of their religions now. I note recent terror attacks in Maidan Shar in Afghanistan in January 2019 where128 security personnel were killed and 70 injured. In February 2019, in Kaduna State, there was a massacre resulting in 141 killed. In April 2019, there was a Nigeria Sri Lanka church and hotel bombing where 253 were killed and 500 injured. More recently, in the Queens Courier of September 5-11, 2019, there is report of an East Elmhurst teen being cuffed and allegedly plotting a terror attack in Queens.

Let me make clear that I have nothing but love for my Muslim brothers and sisters, well-knowing the love that Jesus for them and that as he did for all humanity he gave his life for them, I am sure most of my Muslim brothers and sisters are quiet, decent, and law-abiding family people who are not violent or ill- intentioned. I have, however, to part ways with the view and opinion that these are the acts of extremists. The reality of the commands and word s of the Koran are inescapable and cannot be covered by words of political hype and political correctness. I have not interest in condemnation but am interested in intellectual honest and honest discourse Those who do these acts of violence in the Islamic community do so to follow their faith. These are the facts which stare me and all of us in the face and I ask my readers to seek understand and grasp the truth and the facts, however painful.

I would like to talk about something else now. I have heard it said by my left wing friends and colleagues in response to the attacks of radical Islam that Christians kill, too. That is a truth that Christians do kill and, if you will, do sin. They do so not at the command and direction of the biblical word and the biblical revelation but in defiance of it. In Exodus 20, verse13 there is a command not to kill, a 3,000-year-old command. Jesus greatly extended the meaning of this commandment saying that to be angry is the same as murder; to look at a woman with lust is to commit adultery; if someone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other to him; and love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matt 5 vv. 21, 22; 28; 38,39 43, 44). Yes, Christians do kill, but if they do so they are in violation of the commands of holy scripture and the commands of Christ. The statement here is not applicable and if Christians kill they sin and not only are not following any sort of command by Jesus to murder but are defying the words of Christ. The Koran, however, mandates or speaks of killing infidels and apostates. Jesus says love your enemies and says that anger is murder an impossible bar for most of us, but there it is good or bad.

I have given my interpretation of the truth behind these words that it is not a matter of extremists, and that Christians kill also, and do suggest that my readers think this matter through and look beyond having your thinking based on false, faddish, and weak political code words and political correctness, and make an honest attempt to know and understand the truth, which will make all of us free.