What about God? by Andrew J. Schatkin

“What about God?” by Andrew J. Schatkin

It has been said or rather had been predicted by many of the liberal left that religion was in the process of slow death and that for the intelligent and well-educated, in the face of scientific and medical and material progress, religion and God, if they were not as good and dead, were, at least among the intellectually well-informed, no longer relevant and, as Hillary Clinton seemed to say, the thought province of the deplorables or high school graduates in the south and middle west.

I would like to respond and state why I believe in God and why it is reasonable to do so. I would note that in the 1960’s it was bandied about that God was dead or as good as dead. But I find significant and compelling reasons to believe in God. First, we all have to face up to mortality and death. We know that while we live, we have a consciousness and that we exist on a more than an animal or plant level. We have feelings, emotions, thoughts, and even unique personalities. We love others and are loved. Some of us are capable of great art or making a great scientific discoveries. It is quite obvious that we men and women are more than flesh and blood. On this basis, I argue for the existence of God and heaven above since this is the inevitable truth and conclusion based on what I have just said.

Second, I argue for the existence of God on another ground than who we are as unique and individual persons. This world is the only location and place human life and any and all forms of life are found. Scientists have searched everywhere in the cosmos and found not even the hint of life. What I state here is a mystery unexplainable with the only explanation that the heavens and earth were created by God as stated in the first chapter of the Bible.The mystery of this planet and the life on it remains and will always be a mystery without God or Supreme Being having created it and continuing to guide and govern it.

Third, some hold the universe came about with a huge explosion. This is irrational since there have been huge explosions, whether earthquakes, volcanoes, and bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and no life at all has risen from these ashes.

Fourth, all we see, whether a TV, a car, a house or anything at all, was created. From the time we get up in the morning, to the day of our death, there is a series of causes. We are surrounded with all that has been created.

Finally, Darwin’s theory of evolution, whereby he accounts for the growth of all life by the theories of natural selection and survival of the fittest, is quite weak. He based his conclusion on the examination of fossil remains. I find it unacceptable and cannot accept that the many complex forms of life on this planet came about by some sort of essentially accidental process. Everything we see from the day of our birth to our last days was created by some agency. Any other explanation does not hold water.

This concludes my argument for the existence of God and the continued growth of religion and religious belief throughout the world. I conclude with final statement that religions and God are deeply embedded in the human psyche and soul and with all the findings of science and medicine, and with all the material prosperity, it is not in the process of disappearing as a force in society and in the world.