“Is America in Decline and Descent: A Second Look,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“Is America in Decline and Descent: A Second Look,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

In a previous essay, I spoke of and gave several reasons and evidence of decline in our society. Today I will make more comments and observations in this respect. First, unions have declined in power and influence in our society. After much struggle, workers were able to form and join unions with the result that many persons were able with their families to join the middle class, which enabled these workers, otherwise and in the past in poverty, to purchase homes, support their families, and send their children to college. Unions came about after much struggle in which labor organizers were sometimes beaten and killed by owners and management. Today many companies have outsourced their work to third world countries and societies such as India, Pakistan, China, and Mexico and others, where the work can be done at a fraction of the cost by an endless pool of cheap labor. The result is a scenario where jobs are impermanent or per diem, without benefits and without pensions, and workers must go from per diem job to per diem job and often if discharged after forty cannot find comparable paying work. This development represents decline.

Second, decline in our culture is from what I call ahistorical thinking. History is not taught in many of our schools and, if it is, it is taught with a view to political acceptability. An example would the position taken by William Jennings Bryan where he opposed the theory of evolution in the Scopes trial in Tennessee in 1920 or so. First, to take the position that the world was created by God is quite a reasonable and it is the Judeo-Christian view of things. Darwin, however, says everything came about by a series of accidents. You and I know surely that out car and everything we seem was made, created, and came about by a causation mechanism. Mr. Bryan’s view, the Judeo-Christian view is closer one can see to the truth. There is a cause from the time we get up in the morning to the day we die. History is not properly taught about the Scopes trial and I would add that history as taught about William Jennings Bryan does not reveal that he was as a Christian and a champion of women’s rights in his time, and that both positions were Christian and valid positions. Further, history does not teach the history of Islam a history of constant conquest. Thus, Islam devastated the Christian and Jewish communities of North Africa and Egypt. Let me add that other nations and countries have done the same, so I do not single out Islam and in fact, as a Christian, I give them the love of Christ who gave his life for all including our Muslim brothers and sisters. I merely state that history is not being taught about these events.

Third, I am somewhat concerned that our society no longer in the schools refers to or even mentions the bible. The bible in its content is the most deep and profound of books. The failure not to have it in the curriculum is a tragedy for our children. Prayer has been barred from the schools, as well as any bible reading. This is the law and it is to be obeyed. However, many of our children will never know the saying of Jesus Christ that the poor and poor in spirit are blessed; that his followers were the poor and underclass; and that those who followed him were fishermen and other regular people. They will never know the Genesis story of the fall of mankind in Genesis 2, where, in my view, God sets about to explain how evil came into the world, including the six genocides in the last 100 years. To be deprived of biblical knowledge is to be in intellectual deprivation. The absence of biblical thought and, if you will, the increasing absence of Christian thought and the Christian thought system in our society and in our schools is a step in decline and descent.

Finally, I see a moral decline. The current morality is ‘anything goes.’ Let me say that it is true we all have sexual freedom within certain limits and parameters. Yet I have to say that to allow and encourage ‘anything goes’ is harmful to the establishment and the preservation of families and is founded on pure selfishness and devotion to what may make one on a temporary basis feel good. Marriage should be encouraged and presented as the goal to our young people, not promiscuity in whatever form it may take. I add, and again, I make no cultural criticism of the Islamic religious system, but it shocks me to see seated in the House of Representatives Ms. Omar, who is married to her brother. This is her right, and as Muslim or whatever anyone’s faith, they are in my prayers and have the love of Christ as do all mankind.

I must add that at the present time the ancient Christian communities in the Middle East have been decimated by the forces of radical Islam as has the Coptic church in Egypt. And, finally, although I have the great respect and love for Rep. Omar, I add that her marriage to her brother has prohibition attached to that relationship in our system and society.

This ends the second part of my analysis of what I see as decline in our system of thought and morals.