“Some Comments and a Response to the Left Wing Media Reportage and the Left Wing Ideology,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

In this essay I propose to comment on what I describe a left wing media reportage and the left wing ideology, and their misdirected and incorrect thinking. Governor Cuomo signed a law that allowed late term abortions; removed abortion from the State’s criminal code; and allows medical professionals who are not doctors to perform abortion in New York. The new law not only virtually permits the abortion/death of the baby at a late term stage, but allows physicians assistants; nurse practitioners; and midwives to perform the procedure.

The Governor terms this law progressive and says it permits women full access to abortions. As a Christian, I part ways with this thinking and analysis. The church places an eternal value on all humanity at all stages of life from conception to the point of dying and death. This is far from being an antiquated and backward position; it is a position in the ethical and moral forefront. The innocent life that is taken the church regards of equal value and does not confine its moral concerns to adults and those who are now alive but also to our children born and unborn. The church in its position does not regard race, sex, or the stage of life as the judgment placed on all forms of humanity. If Mr. Cuomo is concerned with racism and sexism and civil rights then it is somewhat surprising that he does not address that same compassion and care to the taking of an innocent life. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of abortions are performed on black and Latino women and involve black and Latino children which in fact is nothing more than a genocide of the poorest and most vulnerable of our society.

I would like to comment on another event in the State of New York. Governor Cuomo signed a law granting financial aid and scholarships to undocumented immigrants; allowed undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses and reducing jail sentences for misdemeanors that could otherwise lead to deportation. I object to these actions and policies. Let me say that as a Christian I have love and concern for all humanity, whatever their legal status in this country. These actions and policies are to reward illegal status and action from the parent coming into this country illegally and the child remaining in illegal status. Both are manipulating our system well-knowing they have no right to be here in the first place and certainly are not entitled to licenses, scholarships, and financial aid. Our society and country are based on the rule of law and obedience to the law and not on rewarding two generations of manipulation and dishonesty when both generations had more than enough time to correct their legal status and become American citizens. Many previous generations came to this country legally through Ellis Island and no legal argument can be made and can hold water that the legal process should be permitted to be not only evaded but essentially rewarded.

Finally, I take note that in an article in the Feb. 1, 2019 issue of the Bayside Times, it was reported that John Liu applauded the passage of the Reproductive Health Act. Mr. Liu celebrated this bill and its passage as victory for women’s rights. I have the greatest respect for Mr. Liu and his thinking in this respect. However, the position of a 2000-year-old church according ultimate value to all human life from beginning to end and most particularly to the innocent that cannot defend the taking of their lives cannot be ignored. If Mr. Liu has children how would he respond and argue his position if his child, now alive, and the subject of his great love, were taken? And again, what if it were him? Would Mr. Liu, by the same token, regard the handicapped or mentally-challenged as lacking worth or the elderly person unable to effectively function physically or mentally, should his life be taken? There are proponents of euthanasia in our society that would hold for and argue this in the same fashion as arguing for abortion.

Perhaps the true issue and what is occurring here is that if the people cannot defend themselves then we can dispense with them. I have great respect for Governor Cuomo and Mr. Liu but I ask them to take a closer look at what they are so glibly and easily endorsing. The governor and Mr. Liu ignore the reality of pain and death that is occurring here and seek to excuse the real issue of the moral violation under the politically correct rubric and politically correct language of women’s rights. I do not deny the validity of women’s rights and I suggest that that moral issue should not swept aside and ignored by the use of those words.