“Further Comments on Left Wing Media Reportage and Left Wing Ideology,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“Further Comments on Left Wing Media Reportage and Left Wing Ideology,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

I would like to comment on President Trump’s advocacy of the wall on our southern border and the accusation made against him due to the position he has taken in this regard of racism.

This is an unfair and unjust statement and criticism of the President’s policy here. The charge is racism is easily made since the wall is directed to the entrance of illegal immigrants mostly from central and South America. I have every compassion and love as a Christian for these victims of oppression in their own countries. But our country must have secure borders and those who want to
be here must come legally. The alternative is a form of societal and legal chaos where the rules which should and must govern our system must be adhered to and obeyed and we cannot permit, not merely their defiance, but permit our office-holders to maintain what is essentially a position against the law.

Let me further comment on a CNN report that reported Pope Francis as saying the builders of walls sow fear and divide. I disagree. A country has a right to monitor its borders and set immigration rules and policies The United States is faced with huge numbers of persons crossing the border and not following the process of legal entrance. The Pope’s position may have metaphysical truth but it fails to understand the situation the United States is confronted with in its southern border and the practical reality the President is dealing with and seeking a pragmatic solution to maintaining a society based on law and governing immigration with the goal of legal entrance and preserving what is after all the privilege of citizenship in the United States.

I make further comments this respect. The left, and to some extent, the Democratic Party, and perhaps the Pope in Rome, favor open borders. I note the following facts and mean no hostility for other nationalities who the love of Christ makes no distinction of. Most recently an undocumented immigrant in California was sentenced to prison after a jury convicted him of multiple violent sex crimes against a family member. This is person was convicted of forcible rape; kidnapping to commit rape; criminal threats; and lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14.This is an example of the porous entrance to this country advocated and suggested by the left wing.

Another example: This involves a Saudi students legally here. The student was charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and first degree manslaughter and it is believed by law enforcement officials that Saudi officials have allowed him to flee the country. Four other Saudi students, all in Oregon, had been charged with various crimes including hit and run, child sex abuse, and rape, have all disappeared before facing prosecution. I am not targeting any particular group or person but simply noting the consequence of uncontrolled immigration.

Finally, even though this is in another country, Germany, it does highlight the problem of uncontrolled immigration. There was a New Year’s Eve mass sexual assault in Cologne, German in which scores of women were attacked by gangs of” “North African men,” and last summer street protests erupted in the East German town of Chemnitz after a local man was stabbed to death by two migrants.

Let me make clear that I have no hostility to immigrants, North African or Middle Eastern, or any other type, but state these facts to show the injustice and unfairness of the attacks of the left on the President who through this wall is establishing a proper policy and is attempting nothing more than to keep our country secure and safe and under the rule of law.