“A Final Comment on Left Wing Media Reportage and Left Wing Ideology,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“A Final Comment on Left Wing Media Reportage and Left Wing Ideology, by Andrew J. Schatkin

I will now make some final comments on left wing media reportage and left wing ideology. Karen Pence, the Vice President’s wife, was criticized if not attacked for teaching at a conservative Christian school. The school requires employees to pledge they believe marriage is monogamous and heterosexual and that they will not engage in homosexual or lesbian activity or adopt or promote transgender identity, and the school can deny admission or remove a student whose behavior is in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teacher.

I note the following: Other religious traditions such as orthodox Judaism and Islam, if they operate parochial schools, may have similar rules. Those other schools and religious belief systems are not under criticism and attack by the left. It is quite clear that this is a selective critique and attack on a certain element and part of the Christian community. Moreover, the Sheridan school headmaster, Jessica Donovan, stated that she banned the school from playing sports with the Immanuel Christian school where Karen Pence teaches and then decided her students would wear rainbow socks in a show of LGBQT support.

I say this first: I have every love and concern for the homosexual and transgender community who are very much our brothers and sisters in Christ and I certainly do not endorse any form of discrimination directed to them within the civil society. But this is a private parochial religious school that can set its own parameters. The Roman Catholic Church’s catechism lays down no moral approval of homosexual acts but stresses homosexuals must be accepted with respect and compassion and not discriminated against and uses the term “disorder” to describe their lifestyle. One may not agree with the position of the Roman Catholic Church on this matter, but it lends some support to the position of the school where Karen Pence teaches. Although I must stress that I myself have no hostility or ill-founded feelings toward our homosexual brothers and sisters.

In addition, there is significant scriptural support for the position of Karen Pence’s school. Genesis 19, the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, addresses this issue. The book of Leviticus also issues a prohibition against this activity (Lev 18:22). In the book of Romans, St. Paul in verses1:24-27 speaks against this activity. There is biblical support for the position of the Immanuel school and its religious views which have a degree of support for some in the Christian belief system it is not a matter of discrimination but understanding this particular religious tradition and its basis.

I would like to make an additional comment about an article in the Queens Courier of Jan. 31, 2019 entitled “Queens advocates fume over latest ICE sweep in borough.” The article is by Emily Davenport and Mark Hallum. The article responds to ICE arrests of convicted criminals, and those who had criminal charges pending, while 55 had a final order of removal or had been previously removed from the United States and returned illegally. Alisa Welleck, the executive director of the Immigrant Defense Project, stated without factual basis that the records of these individuals were mischaracterized and that the raids were unconstitutional and immoral. Ms. Welleck says the flames of hate are fanned by demonizing any immigrant with a criminal record Ms. Welleck also states that ICE has no place in sanctuary city such as New York and that her job is to fight for undocumented immigrants.

There are a number of fallacies in this article and Ms. Welleck’s statements. First, these are not immigrants nor are they merely undocumented, but they are illegally here and should be treated as such. The arguments here by Ms. Welleck are indefensible. Second, Ms. Welleck admits that in fact many of these immigrants have criminal records in addition to being here illegally. The actions of ICE are a proper enforcement of law. The issue is not immigration or immigrants but illegal presence with in some instances a criminal record. The hate and immorality lie with those who defy the law and commit crimes, not with law enforcement whose duty and obligation it is to properly address this issue.