“Three Whys: Why is there so little said and quickly forgotten? Why is there no outcry of anger and condemnation? And why is there so little concern and value accorded the loss of innocent lives?” by Andrew Schatkin

In a few previous blogs, I did raise the issue of the continuing character of Islamic fundamentalist terror attacks. These were entitled: l. Some Social Comments”; 2. Comments on a Few Journal and Newspaper Articles”; and, 3. “A Response to Media Criticism of our President.”

As a Christian, I place infinite value on all men and women of faith as Christ does and I place that value on my Muslim brothers and sisters of whom a small cultural and religious minority are involved in these terrorist events. But I again must note the little concern, anger and outcry from the left wing media and ideology who are more than willing to speak of the atrocity of the Jewish House of worship in Pennsylvania and what happened in Virginia.

Let’s lake a look at these events and these jihadist acts of terrorism. There were within the last two years two years MANY attacks on Christians that have gone under-reported, or not reported at all: Christian-targeted market attacks in Strasbourg and Berlin; an Isis-supported terror attack on a Jewish house of worship in Ohio; a terror attack in Burkina Faso in which 30 people lost their lives; in Manchester, three people lost their lives in a terror attack; in Libya a suicide bomber killed three; a terror attack in Egypt caused a loss of lives; in London, at Oxford Street, a terrorist planned but was prevented from driving a van into 100 people; in England, a terror plot was foiled by the Police in Newcastle Great Britain; in a subway in London called Parsons Green a bomb was detonated; recently The New York Times reported that two Americans were said to have joined ISIS and were caught on the front line in Syria; and, finally, there was a death toll from a Somali bombing in which 20 people lost their lives in this Jihadist attack

I ask when death results and there is this number of lost lives, why is so little said; why is there no international outcry condemning the forces in Islam causing these deaths, this suffering, and this path of destruction and pain? How long can this suffering and death be allowed to continue, and why does the Islamic society and community remain silent and take no responsibility?

Rashida Tlaib, a new congressional representatives from Michigan, swears to impeach the President and is sworn in office on a Koran. Yet she has nothing to say concerning this trail of death and pain, which President correctly addressed with his travel ban and proper vetting. These acts of terrorism occurred within the last two years and the leftist media cannot erase these events and pretend they did not occur.

Again I ask why is there no outcry, no rage, and no anger? The New York Times and my left-wing liberal friends are so concerned about blacks, Latinos, and poverty-stricken migrants, but show no remorse for these whose lives have been lost and do not speak of or address those who have brought about this loss of life and this human toll.

In an article in the Sunday Times of January 6, 2019, there is the statement that populism is waning since the issues of terrorism and immigration have waned. I have no reference to the statement concerning immigration but the content of this blog sadly but convincingly shows that terrorism has not ended or waned but is continuing its agenda to hurt and destroy those in its path. The congresswoman from Michigan has a full right to her faith and culture, but I suggest she take account of facts and truth and condemn the forces in Islam causing this havoc and this path of destruction.