“Racism: Toward a clarification; and where it may be found,” by Andrew Schatkin

I would like to talk a bit about racism. Let me first make it clear that, as a Christian, I abhor and detest any form of racism. Christianity is a race-blind, and sex-blind international religious movement and so race, sex, or national original have no place in this system of thought. Yet with all the talk of racism, including accusations against President Trump, I think his accusers and others have missed the point and missed the boat on this issue.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez a new congresswoman from Queens, New York pronounced the President a racist. Yet Ms, Cortez says the State of Israel is an occupier of the state which is properly she feels the possession of the Palestinian minority. Ms. Cortez has a right to this view of this issue and in fact as a Christian I have some areas of agreement with her as a socialist since the socialist model might be closer to the idea of a Christian society if ever one were come to pass. I have to ask Ms. Cortez if she, as a liberal person, opposes racism, then what has she to say of the unrelenting hostility and constant attacks and bombings directed to the state of Israel, a white western dot in a Muslim/Arab sea? If these attacks on this essentially white western space in an overwhelming Arab/Muslim sea are not racist then my thinking is skewed.

I say the jihadist attacks for some time are the product of a small minority in the Muslim religious/cultural/ political system. It is, however, quite clear that these attacks worldwide are racial. The attacks have mostly been directed to the US, Europe, Canada, and a number of other countries, including African countries such as Egypt, Somalia, Nigeria, Russia and Australia. In the US, there have been attacks in NYC, Boston, California, and Florida. In Europe, the attacks have been numerous. In France, and in the UK, as well as in Belgium and Spain, just lately there have been attacks on Christmas Markets in Berlin and Strasbourg. Also, there was an attempted attack on a Jewish House of Worship in Ohio; and an attack in Manchester and on the tube in the Parsons Green Station in the United Kingdom. Ms. Cortez chooses not to address the obvious racial nature of these attacks on western white societies, despite her alleged liberal concern for any trace of racism. I would suggest that Ms. Cortez, if she has any intellectual honesty in her frame of mind, perhaps look at the truth of these ongoing racist attacks, assaults, and homicides.

Ms. Tlaib is a Muslim-American duly elected to congress. Of course, I respect her and her faith. She has made no comments about racism, but I know she most likely opposes any form of fascism as I do, but she also has nothing to say concerning these obvious racist attacks on the white west, whether Canada, the US, Australia, or Russia. I note that neither Ms. Cortez nor Ms. Tlaib makes mention of the gross persecution of Egyptian Christian, also white, or, rather. Caucasian. I take note of the silence of Ms. Cortez and Ms. Tlaib on the events I have just described. I note their silence and their selectivity with respect to this issue. I ask Ms. Cortez and Ms. Tlaib to exercise the intellectual honesty I know they possess and face the facts: Is racism directed to the West any less abhorrent than that directed to our black and latino brothers and of course Muslim brothers and sisters?

Let me conclude that this President has brought jobs and significant employment for all Americans, and of course the black and Latino minorities. This policy and these actions are far removed from any taint or racism. I suggest Ms. Cortez and Ms. Tlaib address the facts and issues I have spoken of here without resort to slogans and perhaps slander.