“On the Kavanagh Hearing, and Other Matters,” by Andrew Schatkin

“On the Kavanagh Hearing, and Other Matters,” by Andrew Schatkin

I here present my take and view of the Kavanagh confirmation battle. I do not take a political position but seek to take note of the stories of the accusers and the significant lack of facts and corroboration. The main accuser is Christine Ford. Dr. Ford has waited over 30 years to bring this grievance against the Judge. She states that the Judge held her down and pulled her clothes off and sought to gang rape her. Dr. Ford provides no facts as to date, time and location and in fact provides no factual detail. Dr. Ford presents a barebones accusation about the details of which if the event occurred should have been seared in her memory. In short, she points the accusatory finger without corroboration or any facts at all. We live in a system of law not a system of slander and accusation. Our system is a system of law and should not take the form of some sort of inquisition.

Another accuser, Julie Swetnick, states the Judge spiked drinks to make the rape easier. Ms. Swetnick states the Judge engaged in excessive drinking and inappropriate sexual conduct including grabbing girls and causing the girls to be inebriated to allow them to be gang raped in an inside room. Again, this is an accusation without details of time, place, and location. No court of law could or would accept as legally acceptable the testimony of Ms. Ford or Ms. Swetnick which both lack facts and corroboration.

Deborah Ramirez a third accuser says the Judge exposed himself to her and again no facts or corroboration are provided as to date, time, and location. If this testimony and these statements are credited, then our system is meaningless and is in anarchy and rather than a factual investigation we have trial by accusation,, innuendo and virtual slander and what we have here is an inquisition and something akin to the Salem Witch Trials and not an investigation which should focus on facts and not on what another person says another person did. And then there are the witnesses, Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth and Leland Keyser. None can recall the events described by the accusers.

Finally, I would like to comment on a few other matters. It is possible the Democratic Party fears the overturn of Roe v. Wade if Judge Kavanagh is confirmed. The Democratic Party misunderstands the abortion issue and, if you will, pro-life issue. A large number of Christians including the Roman Catholic Church opposes abortion and is pro-life not by reason of opposition to women’s rights and the woman’s right to choose but because we as Christians set a value on all human life and on all persons from their inception to the point of their death.
This view far from being backward and antique is the most ethically advanced position placing if you will an eternal value on all men and women not based on their race or sex but their person. I note that the democratic party often identifies itself with the rights of all of us regardless of race or sex but conveniently ignores the glaring and undeniable fact that it is the black and Latino community that are the victims of abortion on demand. Abortion has often been described as the black genocide. Where is the Democrats concern for human rights in light of the fact of black babies being thrown into garbage can as disposable at will.

Let me take note of a few other facts and concerns. Ms. Swetnick has been involved in a large number of legal disputes. This does not make her a bad person but it is noteworthy.
I also take note that if elected the Democratic position on open borders and sanctuary cities will endorse illegal immigration and affording sanctuary to persons illegally here. Sanctuary in its true meaning means protecting the innocent not lawbreakers and violators. To allow and then protect persons illegally here is to promote a system of legal anarchy and may and will result in the illegal violators taking jobs away from the needy and suffering legal persons who are likely to be American blacks and Latinos who are in desperate need of employment that illegal immigrants obtain by reason of their being paid low wages and no benefits.

The Democrats also opposed President’s travel ban. Let me emphasize that as a Christian I have nothing but love and care for our Muslim brothers and sisters. The facts are however that there have been a series of murderous and homicidal attacks from certain cultural and religious elements of certain Muslim countries. These attacks have caused the deaths of many in the US, Europe and Africa. The vast majority of our Muslim brothers are peaceful and hardworking but a minority within their system will, and do, do horrible things. The President’s travel ban was a pragmatic response to a problem. Do we want a government that fails to address this problem and will allow death to occur? I note that recently an illegal immigrant deported 6 times is accused of murdering three homeless men.

I would like to comment on a few other issues. The Board of Education of the City of NY recently ordered the teaching of Sikhism in our city schools. I have no objection to the Sikh culture or religion but note that the liberal ideology objects to bible reading and prayer in our schools, but apparently endorses this apparently gross violation of church and state and the violation of the separation of church and state.

I would note that that the left has great concern of equal treatment of all within our system which they rightly should and I am in full agreement with but make no mention of the worldwide Christian persecution all over the world in China, and in Egypt where Coptic Christians are severely persecuted and in the Middle East. The persecution of Christians is so great in Pakistan that I received an e-mail from a Pakistan Christian who was praying for the election of President Trump. The New York City board of Education perhaps rightly wants Sikhism taught but make no mention of this ongoing Christian persecution and fails entirely to inform our young people of this tragic series of events.