“A second look at Democratic party policy positions and why the Democratic party should not be elected to national office,” by Andrew Schatkin

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to look at several newspaper articles apparently stating Democratic party policy positions. I would like to take a few moments to share them and understand what they say. In Vox is a story about how Mr. Crowley, a top house democrat, lost his primary to a socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There are several statements that I find disturbing.

Of course, Ms. Cortez is fully entitled to all her political and social views and I have no argument with her entitlement to whatever political and social views she may and does hold. Her program is Medicare for all; housing and job guarantees; gun control; ending private prisons; and abolishing ICE.

She wishes to abolish ICE, the federal agency whose role is to some extent arrest and deport persons illegally in this country. I fail to understand or even understand why Ms. Cortez would want this. If a person is illegally here, they have no right to be here and obtain employment, medical care, and education, which the poorer groups in our country very much not only significantly need, but are legally entitled to. To object to the arrest and possible deportation of law violators and law breakers based on some sort of humanitarian concerns or impulses is in defiance of the role of law enforcement in which the rule of law must and will govern and not some sort of feelings which have no place in this process.

Finally, I note with shock and dismay that Ms. Cortez has taken the position that the State of Israel occupies Palestine. Ms. Cortez may in fact, as is her right, be in favor of the Palestinian people and their rights; but the remark almost approaches anti-Semitism which has no place or role in this country. The extreme left of the Democratic party seems to entertain this view and I repeat this remark is almost anti-Semitic. Ms. Cortez and the Democratic party office holders and candidates that may hold this position for me have no place in our system.

Next, in the issue of the Queens Courier Oct 11-18 2018, City Councilman Van Bramer says a sign is the product of a white supremacist group named “Vanguard American.” As a Christian, I abhor and detest any sort of hate or prejudice. The sign, which is exhibited in the newspaper, merely states that “it is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement because they have broken the law.” This sign bear no indication of white supremacist thinking. which of course I vehemently oppose. The words on it are true and valid. A law violator or person who is illegally here has no place in our system of law and government. Perhaps Mr. Van Bramer should explain and rethink his position on this issue and not perhaps choose to condone the violation of law.

In the end. I would like to talk about a New York Times article of Oct 14, 2018. The article calls for the end of ICE, a matter I have already touched on. The writer of the article speaks of the heart-wrenching images of migrant children being separated from their parents at the border. First, there is some question about whether those children are in fact the children of the adults that accompanied them, and whether or not they being brought here to justify entry and stay in this country. Unless it can be proven that the children are in fact the children of these adults who accompany them, they must in two separate detention facilities for nothing more than the protection of both. The Times states that position of the Democratic party is to protect the Dreamers, young children brought here illegally by their parents and to ensure human treatment of undocumented adults. This position not only is incorrect but constitutes a virtual intellectual insult to our country and our system of law. The word is illegal and not “undocumented” and the so-called Dreamers had a great deal of time to obtain legal citizenship. The United State is

a nation state and is not a church, charitable organization, or the Salvation Army It is those who obey the law and play by the rules who deserve consideration and respect, not those who do not and essentially set about to manipulate our system by crying charity and hurt.

Finally, the article refers to draconian policies aimed at deporting dreamers and illegal aliens, when the fact is that this policy is nothing more than enforcing the law with respect to those who not only break it but claim excuse when there is not excuse.

As long we live in a nation of laws, those laws must and should be obeyed and enforced.