“A Response,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

“A Response,” by Andrew J. Schatkin

This article is a response to the article in the Oct 15, 2018 issue of America magazine by John Langan, S.J., entitled The Republican Divide.

First, let me state that I have respect for the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order in particular. I fully share as a Lutheran Christian the views of the church and the Jesuits in every way. I part ways with certain opinions and views expressed in this article. The article refers to “populist fears of low cost immigrants.” The issue is not low wage immigrants but immigrants illegally in this country who through the low wages and no benefits they offer to business interests do not create fear from populists but in fact take away and threaten the jobs of the black, Latino and poor white working people and class that are in great need of those jobs.

Perhaps Fr. Langan might consider the desperate economic plight of our brethren in West Virginia and Kentucky and give less consideration to persons illegally here who take employment from those so sorely in need. The author speaks of “white nationalism” but he has little to say of the Democratic policy of open borders and sanctuary cities which create a society of mass illegality, leaving legal, law abiding citizens in the economic cold. The author asks for a renewal of internationalism in the Republican party. It is the duty of our elected officials to represent our national interests and not some sort of international agenda. The author also refers to white nationalism and xenophobes. I know of many black and Hispanic Americans who voted for the present. The President who has brought jobs and prosperity to all citizens of all races, black, Asian, white and Hispanic. The President came from a worldwide wide multibillion dollar business. The likelihood of his being white nationalist and xenophobic is extremely unlikely. It is also somewhat unlikely that having received over sixty million votes that these voters were only parochial white nationalists and opposers of other racial groups.

The author also states the Republican party must be transformed into a party of civility and inclusion. Many voters for the President were blacks and Hispanics and moreover in addressing illegal immigration the President is aiding and assisting blacks and Hispanics legally here who have need of the jobs that are being taken from them. The Democratic party is hardly inclusive and it seeks to include and favor illegality and law breaking and law breakers who are massively taking jobs from all the races of this country in poverty and unable to get employment who have proceeded in their entire lives through legal channels. President Trump exhibits civility and inclusiveness for the rule of law which is the foundation of our system. Finally, Fr. Langan says the Republican party rejects internationalism and help for the poor and marginalized. The President’s commitment is to the poor of this country. These persons are his proper concern. The poor of the world, however in need of help, are the concern of the church and religious institutions and not a state and nation. Every job taken by illegal immigrants can and should be taken by the poor of this country who may be found not only in the cities but in Kansas, Michigan, West Virginia and Missouri, all of whom are struggling to survive. It may be argued and said that corporate America wants these illegals for basic low paying jobs. I reject this argument and say the 45 million persons on food stamps have need of this employment. The left argued that engineering positions and high tech positions could only be filled by bright engineers from the Middle East. I must and do know there are many qualified Americans who can fill those positions, are qualified to fill those positions and are available to execute and hold them.

As long as we are a country of laws, those laws are there to be enforced and not defied making fools of us all.