Why I Support the Policies and Presidency of Trump

President Trump, ever since the campaign and his election, has been spoken of in somewhat disparaging terms.  President Trump has been referred to by the left ideology opposing him as a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, nativist, xenophobic, and last but not least, targeted by the terms “nationalist” and “populist”.  

I cannot quite grasp the last two statements about the Presidents that he is a nationalist and populist.  If his opposition means that he represents the people in our Democratic system of this country, then I find the attack on him by these terms somewhat confusing, if not mystifying.  The president is elected by the people of this country in a voting process to represent their interests. That is the goal and nature of our Democratic system. The president is not elected to represent global financial interest if that is what the left is driving at here.  He is elected to represent the voters and the people. Thus, I must agree with the president in his position that he is elected to represent the concerns and interest of the people of this country.

The president has also been referred to as a racist, mainly on the grounds that he opposes the interests of certain individuals who happen to be Muslim, from some Muslim countries.  It is noteworthy that he leaves out in this list many Muslim countries, including Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco. Clearly, he is not prejudiced against Muslims whether on the basis of their national origin or their religion since the travel ban is not a blanket ban on all Muslims in all Muslim countries.  Second, the president is faced with a situation that within the certain Muslim-majority countries, a minority of their religious, cultural and political system conduct acts of violence. I must say here that I have no prejudice, hatred or hostility to Muslims or the Muslim religion since most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding people except for a small minority that engage in these acts of violence.  It is a fact that there have been a number of internal attacks in the United States against the gay community in Florida, an attack in New York City, California some time ago, and a recent attack in Palm Beach. There have been a number of attacks in Europe including the Jewish community in Paris and attacks in Spain, Belgium, and United Kingdom. Most recently, an elderly Jewish woman was knifed and burned alive in what appears to be a religiously motivated attack.  Once again, these attacks do no represent the thinking of the Muslim world but a small minority within that system.

Given these facts, the president is compelled to enforce and be concerned with national security concerns.  These acts are not based on race or religion but are dealing with the pragmatic reality of what has occurred.  The statements that the president is anti-Semitic is somewhat absurd since most of his family is Jewish and he is an extremely strong supporter of the state of Israel, having recently  moved the embassy to Jerusalem. The statement that the president is anti-immigrant is misleading since he is concerned with illegal residents who are illegally here and who are in a position to provide cheap labor to the corporate sector.  These persons illegally here serve to displace the poorest and most vulnerable groups in our society, including the Blacks and Latinos. Moreover, the president’s pro-Life position is extremely favorable to the Black and Latino poorer communities who are often the victims of abortion on a massive scale.  Taking a pro-life position does not make a person anti-women – that person merely takes the moral position that life is of value at all stages from inception to the point of death.

The president has been accused of being a “fascist”.  The reality is that the Left ideology favors the so-called elites and has somewhat of an issue with the working classes.  For example, David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, stated that people who voted for President Trump represented a revolt of the masses and he stated in that column that the elites have pushed too hard.  I have no idea what Mr. Brooks means by the elites but, in our system which is a democracy, there is an equal voting right for all and no one occupies an elite position as a voter. The left ideology has frequently referred to the people who voted for Trump as the working class.  I do not know how they reach that conclusion but I find the conclusion as stated, a statement of arrogance and contempt for people seen as not wealthy and not well-educated. The reasons I support President Trump’s policies is because he has brought jobs as promised back to the United States and provided jobs to people legally here who may have been in economic distress.  He has addressed the issue of illegal immigrants taking those jobs, he has brought back manufacturing jobs back to the US, and has brought an unprecedented period of prosperity to all groups in this country, Black, Latino, Asian, gay, and female. Far from being a racist as he is accused of, he has benefited all races and groups in this country. He has limited visas to engineers from foreign countries who are given positions that Americans could have as easily fulfilled.  I find it hard to believe that someone from Iran or India are smarter than American engineers and technicians. Certainly, intellect is not limited to any one group but equally distributed to all.

Finally, he is wrongly accused of anti-Muslim prejudice when his detractors well-know that he has a duty to protect the lives of American people whose lives have been lost by unexamined entrance of terrorists from some countries.  This is not racism, this is not prejudice, it is preserving the lives of American people.